Friday, October 19, 2007

Doh Doh Doh!

Ahh well nobody does glorious failure quite like Scotland and it now looks like despite accumulating more points in our group than teams who have already qualified in other groups,we will need to beat the World Champions ,Italy,to progress to the Euro Championships.This was after our poor 2-0 defeat away to Georgia the other night.

Back to club football and at least I have the first Old Firm ( Rangers v celt*c) game of the season at 12.30pm tomorrow at Ibrox to look forward to.It's a tough one to call because Rangers are capable of going to Lyon and winning 3-0 and then coming home and losing to some diddy team.I'm not greedy though and would settle for an 8-0 thrashing of our ancient rivals.

On the poker front I'm not sure why I feel the need to detail almost every session as if some auditor is waiting to catch me out for missing one...but I do!

I managed 4th in a $16 sng the other night and lost a few $$ on my Bet 365 account when I pushed with a flush draw and two overcards and failed to hit v top pair.

Last night was dinner with Step A at my Mum and Dads.I actually watched my first ever episode of The Simpsons last night and quite enjoyed it, though I still reckon South Park ( and Cartman especially) is the Daddy!

I didn't get home until 12.30am but fired up Party for a little $50nl 6 max action and was lucky enough to win a buy-in on one of those sweet hands a beginner could have played.I'm dealt AA, there's a min raise to $1,three calls and a reraise to $7 before the action was on me.I'd reraised the same villain a few hands earlier with KK and laid it down to a bet on an Ace high flop.This meant he knew I was willing to reraise big without an Ace and when I made it $19.50 ,he shoved and I insta-called and my hand held up.

I did enjoy some chat with a player called sweetkat who made a good call v a donkey with 2nd pair and exclaimed "OMG!!!!" in the chatbox which made me "lol"! It was only after I'd left the table I realised she was from Canada but surely there's only one Kat in Canada!

Here's one from the paper just for Kat..

A student teacher draws our attention to the allscottishteachers website and the story of the older teacher at a conference describing her pupils in her remedial class, as such classes were then called, as "her little elfs". At question time, she was asked if did she not think it a bit patronising and rather old-fashioned to call her unruly students little elfs.

She replied that the listener obviously didn't realise that elfs stood for "evil little *******".

The ex Mrs A is coming over this evening to clean my flat and after that I may be playing in the pairs game if we can get enough people to play.Register at and join us for a game!

Don't forget to register for the Bloggerment either.It's on Sunday as usual at 'Stars at 9pm bst/4pm est under the Private Tourney tab and the password is donkament.All welcome!

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At Friday, 19 October, 2007, Blogger Smoothplease said...

No one does it like Scotland??,at least if you win your through,our bunch of overpaid lemons have got to rely on other results to make it!! Boot Mclaren out & get 'the special one' in asap!! oh,& gl at the tables geez,our paths may cross on laddies,plz be gentle with me if you fancy a mini stt!!

At Friday, 19 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

The special one may well get you playing as a unit.

Whats your name on Laddies? I play most cash there ( $50 n $100nl ) but I'm always up for a wee stt!

At Friday, 19 October, 2007, Blogger Smoothplease said...

smoothplz on laddies,just blown the massive $30 i won last night!!
o well,allways tomorrow! normally find me on the 5,10 or $20 pays top 5 tables.

At Saturday, 20 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Invited you to be ma special friend sp :-))
( using laddies buddy system thing) so hopefully catch you on laddies soon!


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