Monday, October 08, 2007

Laser treatment required.....

I wasn't going to post today but after reading about the husband who spent £800 to have a huge photo of his wife tattooed on his back ,only for her to run off with a Latvian toyboy,I wondered if Hammerheid has a similar tattoo of Mair and is currently in the queue at the tattoo removal shop, after she beat him Heads Up last night to take her second Bloggerment title!

Thanks to everyone who turned out to play last night and Congrats to Mair for winning it after a fine Headsup battle with her hubby ,Hammerheid.

I came a poor 15th when I ran JJ into Cells min-raised AA.( should have picked up on that!) I was very tired and still a bit hungover, so I ended up watching some of the rest of the game and also just managed to find Burnley Miks table at the $100k Stars mtt,just in time to see him go out to a nasty 3 outer.

I have now received confirmation that Full Tilt have approved my documents and I can now request a withdrawl.It was a pain in the ass having to scan and send passport/credit card statements but at least they have approved them very quickly and I can get things moving.( and get my c/card cleared!)

Looking forward to picking Nacho up after work,walking him and having a relaxing evening.

The Big Chap has suggested we try and organise a home game every 8 weeks ( he must need a regular income!) and after Saturdays high enjoyable shennanigans I'd be well up for that.The s-man was such a fine host I'm sure we'll all be invited back asap!

Yep,apart from Rangers losing at home to Hibs ( and that jammy lot across the city coming from 1-0 down to win 2-1 in injury time) it was a great weekend.( topped off by my Mums excellent steak pie dinner last night)

Burnley Mik and I were considering cancelling the Bloggerment this Sunday as it starts an hour after the Stars world blogger game.We've decided to let it run as usual.Feel free to play both and if you're playing in the Stars freeroll please give the Bloggerment a little pimpage at the table/in your blog and hopefully we can attract a few new players.

Ok,that's all for today.Thanks for reading....

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At Monday, 08 October, 2007, Blogger dD said...

8 week countdown started !



ps only if The Big Chap ups his alcohol intake !!

At Monday, 08 October, 2007, Anonymous Rob said...

sorry i missed the bloggerment mate, started new job at 2am the next morning so i thought i'd better get a early night

At Tuesday, 09 October, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Thanks for the 100k railage mate. I still need to take those bad beats on the chin, rather than having the Hellmuth moments!!!

Are you setting it up this week (the bloggerment), as wolverine wants to get all our American cousins involved, alongside the world blogger event and he wants to push it ASAP!

At Tuesday, 09 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

dD: I'll pass the message on mate! More bevvy!

Rob: No probs.Hope new job going well and you can make it next Sunday.

BM:No probs on the railage although anyone I rail seems to crash out moments after I find their table!

I'll get Bloggerment 30 set up shortly BM.It would be great to see more US players playing.I thought Wolverine n co had decided it was too tough for 'em.... :-))


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