Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sun Update

I've had my two weeks off work and sadly I go back the world of corporate bollocks and customer complaints tomorrow morning.This last week has certainly been more relaxing than my first week off.I just wish I was off for the next two weeks too!

Monday morning will be the first time I've gone to work since I moved back here and in some ways although I'd happily never work again,I'm looking forward to trying to establish some kind of routine.I'm also really looking forward to next Saturday nights home game and to seeing my good mate the San Jose Salmon!( Al Eleven)It's looks like the venue will be the S-mans place and hopefully we can get at least 6-7 players round the table for some quality trash talk and perhaps even some poker!

Not much too report from last nights poker play.I managed to break a 0/5 non cashing run by winning a $16 game and then crashed out of a $27 when my Queens were crushed by Big Slick.

More nasty laptop freezing saw me leave Laddies when $40 up and I didn't manage to get going at all at 365, before the same thing happened.The next requirment for any bankroll withdrawl will be a new laptop and a new front door.The front door of my flat is actually an interior door and isn't the most secure.When I stayed here previously I used to keep a tyre wench beside my bed and I was quite paranoid about getting robbed etc.This came from living for a year in a crappy run down housing scheme back in my younger days.The house was robbed about six times and I had a knife held to my throat on one of those occasions.Moving in with the ex to a place in a nicer area than my flat, seemed to cure my edginess, and thankfully since my return the tyre wench has stayed in the cupboard ( still handy though!)and I'm not wondering what's going on outside every two minutes.

I'd still like a solid front door with a couple of big hefty locks though...

Back to the poker and after all that screen freezing I headed back to Stars and decided to take a wee shot at a $400nl full ring table.I left after about 1/2hr, up $35.I only raised with J10sooted, followed through on a 10 high board and then called a raise with AK and won a pot on an Ace high board.Apart from that I did a lot folding!

Righty, I've Nacho to take up the road,shopping to be done,sandwiches to be made and a Bloggerment to take down.....

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At Sunday, 30 September, 2007, Anonymous Rob said...

entered the blog tourney on stars under the username ROB_POKER_UK, if i bust out early excuse me, i been drinking all day,..........just thought i'd lay down a excuse before we start!

At Monday, 01 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the way i played last nite's bloggerment ... bah .... at least rob's got an excuse !

ffs get a new laptop ! not like u cannot afford it ... he he he *)

roll on saturday. what sort of time are you planning to go to s-man's ?
or what time does his missus go to work ??

hope u enjoyed yer first day back at work ... typical, really, damn hot summers day oot there !!

gies a bell later in the week when the details have been firmed up.



At Monday, 01 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Not out far behind you both!

Not sure on times for Sat yet but will give ye a buzz later in the week once sorted mate.


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