Friday, September 21, 2007

Osama speaks...

I came 3rd in the standard speed $11 ,18 player game I mentioned in my last post though it seemed so slow I nearly fell asleep.Normal service resumed in my first $16 turbo when I had to lay down my JJ after being called on an 8 8 10 10 board.After the flop I just knew I was ahead but the second ten on the turn was the killer and I couldn't stay in the hand.Why Mr 910 stayed in the hand after big bets from me both preflop and postflop I'll never know, but long term I suppose that's where I make my profit.I ran KK into 1010 a short time later and crashed after a 10 flopped.

I kept the heid and came 3rd in my next one, although once again I feel I would have won it if a couple of hands had just held up at crucial times.Nice to book a couple of ITM ( in the money) finishes though, so I shouldn't grumble too much.

I did play a short $200 nl 6 max session and broke even after being up $30 and down $40 at one point.I almost only bought in for $100 but that shows weakness and if I'm going to play $200nl 6 max I need to be confident enough to be thinking about maximising profit and not focussing on containing losses.If I get a big hand I want paid in full!

I enjoyed reading about total newbie, Martin Johnson,playing in a WSOP Europe event.It was a highly entertaining read and got me thinking too about how a newbie almost has an advantage sometimes by not making the "by the book play".At one point he goes all in with JJ and pro Kenny Tran lays down his hand putting Martin on KK or AA due to the aggressive way the hand was played.A short time later Martin bets out with 99 on an Ace high flop and Tran folds, certain Martin had paired the Ace."How can you bet without the Ace?",he asks after Martin tells him he had the nines.

Just goes to show that while ABC poker may get the job done, there's nothing wrong with trying to think a little differently at times, and that occasionally making a seemingly daft move may be the best play.

I read ( not the greatest example, but it'll have to do)Yorkie Pud mention the RTR crowd railing him and not thinking much of a Pud shove from the button with 62 off when shortstacked in a tourney.The Big Blind woke up with KK and Pud went out.Nobody wants to push with air ( a hand of little value) but I like the move and most of the time your only going to be a 65/35 underdog at worst if the BB calls.

Look out for me with a big grin on my face, raising with air all the time tonight at the Raisetheriver league game...!

Just had a call from Setanta sports.I posted a wee while back that they had taken a years subsription from my credit card for this season despite me moving out and getting their service free at my new address due to a cable offer.They said I had agreed a "rolling contract" last year and that's why they took £180 from my credit card.( despite the service now being available monthly for £10 with no contract).The good news is that they have finally agreed to refund me in full ( less the month or so I've had the service whilst in dispute with them).I should get around £160 back which is a huge relief.After my recent grumble and link to them I thought it only fair to publish the happy outcome!

In other news apparently Osama Bin Laden has released a new tv message to prove he's still alive.He stated that Celt*c were shit in their Champions league away defeat the other night.

British intelligence have dismissed it saying "it could have been recorded anytime in the last ten years"......

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At Friday, 21 September, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

lol to the celtic joke.........

At Saturday, 22 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Yep,the old ones are the best eh!

At Monday, 24 September, 2007, Blogger TanOrpheus said...

taGot a number for Setanta ? Signed up 3 weeks ago, still can't get a signal and can't find anything apart from their automated number

At Monday, 24 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Try 0845 279 7777 and good luck!


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