Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Congrats to Mair the Bloggerment Queen!

Congrats to Mair for taking down the Bloggerment on Sunday evening and thanks to all 30 people who turned out to play in it for making it another fine battle.Bloggerment 26 is now open for registration!

I finished a lowly 17th after folding a medium pair to a reraise preflop and then not being able to fold KK on an Ace high flop when Dull Trev bet into me with his AJ.

Not much else going on at the poker tables as I’ve been very tired over the last couple of nights and haven’t played a lot.

Edit: This post contained the silliest attempt at a strategy post of all time and I've now deleted that part!

It’s funny how the mind works too sometimes.I played a $16 turbo last night ( 11th after losing with KK to Ace rag!) and I limped with 22 then folded without much thought to a decent sized raise.Now with 5 minute blinds everything is a little forced in turbos and many players play AK very hard indeed preflop.It’s not uncommon to see many AK/AQ v Med pairs all in preflop, even quite early on.I may well have gambled myself with AK in that position, but would usually only push if I felt there was a chance the villain may fold ,giving me the chance to win it right there or at showdown.

The point is that 22 beats AK yet I instantly folded it ,despite the fact I may have pushed with Big Slick.Maybe it’s just that if you have 22 and are all in v AK then you have to watch five cards fall and as soon as an Ace or King falls ,you’re dead unless you hit that unlikely two outer.

With AK v 22 there’s always hope until the river card falls that an Ace ,King or ( depending on the board) some kind of straight or flush will save the day and I think that appeals more to the mindset of most people.Maybe it's just me! If so then enjoy the photo....

Anyway,I’ve now got the keys to my flat and have a mate starting the decortating today after my sister and I bought all the wallpaper yesterday.Still tons to do and I’ve realised I've a lot more stuff to move than I first thought.

It's also all going to cost a bit more than I first anticipated and I may need to raid the poker bankroll to some extent.I do have nearly $6k online and taking out $2k should cover it will still leave me 40 buy-ins at $100nl and enough to feel secure with.

Ok,here’s a wee poker related laugh from todays paper...

THE Guinness drinker in a Glasgow bar the other night was explaining that he had a few mates round one night and decided they would catch up with the growing popularity of poker. So when one of his mates was going for the carry out, he asked him to bring back a couple of boxes of matches which they could use as chips.

When he returned he said the shop didn't have matches - so bought him a lighter instead....

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