Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankyou for completing our survey,now....

I filled out a wee customer survey at Ladbrokes last night ( to earn $10) and then they flicked my doomswitch!

It's not often that I lose $80 over a poker session and can't find a mistake or donkey move that contributed to the loss, but last night I just got plain old unlucky.

I began at a full ring $50 nl table at Laddies and lost $20 when I limped with QJ from the cut-off ( perhaps that was a donk move)and bet out when checked to me on a Q 6 9 Rainbow flop.The only plus point about this hand was that I controlled the betting ( power of position) and the villain only called my river bet with his Q6 and didn't reraise me.

Next up was a 6 max $50nl table where one donkey ( swede2000) was pushing all in on every single hand and rebuying when he lost.Here's a question for anyone reading.If you were in my position to the left of this nutter what would be your calling range?

I folded AQ before picking up AQ soooted about 5 minutes later and this time I called his usual all in shove.One of the other players who had previously called with QJsooted ( said in chatbox he was getting annoyed) and flopped a flush v the maniac even wished me luck, but the villain managed to hit a six with his A6 and that was $50 gone.

The maniac left a couple of hands later.Grrrr! The funny thing is that when the maniac was in a hand against anyone else I was cheering him on to suckout and win because a)he would stay longer b) he'd have more money for me to take c)it may tilt the losing player in the hand.

I mentioned a few things on the Raisetheriver forum that help prevent me tilting after coolers like the above hand and missed the most bankroll.

Losing the $50 was a sickener with such a dominating hand, but my bankroll is there to absorb such beats and I soon moved on to a 'Stars to play a $16 turbo without dwelling on it too much.

Luck continued to desert me there,with a 6th place finish after running QQ into KK and AA.( the Aces held up).In true "it's not my night" fashion I actually had about 600 chips left and folded Q5 on the next hand only to see two villains go to war preflop with AK ( both had it) and the flop come with two Queens! Of course when I pushed my J9 on the next hand I ran into KK...

Back to my impending home move and just as soon as I buy a Microwave,carpets,blinds,wallpaper,paint, tumble dryer ,arrange to get my ex tennants gas and leccy payment card meters removed,get cable installed,chase Setanta for a refund and get the noisy toilet cistern sorted then I should be just about ready!

Thankfully my wonderful wee sister is on the case and has already arranged for someone to come out and measure up for new carpets and blinds.My head is spinning already with it all!

Ok,thanks for stopping by!

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At Thursday, 06 September, 2007, Blogger Amatay said...

I reckon you sould play higher games m8. You have always been very solid in the BB games and RTR prem leagues. You would suprised at how shit some of the 1/2 and 2/4 player are

At Thursday, 06 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers for that amatay.

I've been trying to up my pain threshold recently so I can play in higher games without tilting/losing the plot when the bad beats come.Played some £100nl full ring and it doesn't seem too scary.

Not sure I'm at the stage of just brushing off losing a couple of buy-ins at 2/4 yet tho!

The only other issue is that I smoke my bollocks off ( da herb) whilst playing just now and although I feel it helps my game just now, it may be my downfall at higher stakes!

At Thursday, 06 September, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

i have a microwave you can buy. But you have to collect.

At Thursday, 06 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ship it J!

At Friday, 07 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's annoying when the maniacs leave before you had a chance to stack em!!!

Very best of luck with the moving and stuff mate!

At Friday, 07 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

It certainly is BM and cheers!


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