Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sat Update

Things are pretty busy at the moment as I sort through preparing to move back to the flat.I dropped some boxes of stuff off yesterday and the place is looking a bit grubby and lived in.I've owned it 14 years without painting or decorating and it's certainly beginning to show.A couple of new carpets,a lick of paint and having all my stuff there should make it feel more like home again.

To the poker and I'm playing in two events to dwarf the Wsop main event this weekend!Tonight is the $10 main event and tomorrow is of course the next Britbloggerment installment.

Last night I played the Headhunter mtt at Inter and crashed out without making an impression.After that I hit up Ladddies and won about $25 before losing $40 at 365. I finished the night by taking down a $16 ,18 player turbo at Stars.

I read this morning that from today the UK has relaxed the laws re gambling adverts in the media.Hopefully Laddies and co will be able to actively seek out new fishies for me to fleece!

To the football and I was pleased to see Rangers snapped up Stevie Naismith in the very last minute of the transfer window from Kilmarnock.He'd been linked to Rangers all summer and like Nacho Novo told celt*c where to stick their offer as he wanted to play for Rangers.

Righty that's all for today.I'm off to Ibrox to see if Naisy makes his debut against Gretna....

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