Sunday, August 26, 2007

Behind the 8 ball..

I watched Rangers beat Kilmarnock 2-1 yesterday before settling down for some pokery fun later on.I have a decent sng record at 'Stars $16 ,18 player turbos, although I only ever usually play one at a time, which may be profitable, but at $2 per game is never going to build much of a roll.

Last night I decided on two tabling the sng's and tried starting two at once and also beginning a new game after I'd either reached the 3rd level ,( 15 mins ) or when I'd built a decent stack at the first game.

I racked up 35 games in total and the first thing I learned was nothing new and that is that variance is still a biatch! I took some terrible beats as game after game I got my money in the middle as favourite and game after game the turn or river delivered the seemingly odds on miracle card to knock me or or cripple my stack.That nasty poker nightmare of bad beats and losing every 50/50 race meant I had soon reduced my $570 Stars roll to a recent low of $243.

I must have gone 0/15 at least or maybe even 0/20 as far as in the money finishes and in truth my game was beginning to go downhill too as I began making poor decisions to go with the beats.I was close to giving up on the idea that I could ever two table these sng's as profitably as I play one table, when I finally picked up my first win.

I realised I'd been very unlucky but had also been pushing a little too hard to try and make things happen.I've played with some fine multi-tablers at Stars sngs and they often simply seem to be shoving with any pair or high Ace at anytime and I think I tried to hard to copy that rather than sticking to what works for me.

The bottom line is that I won a few ,came 2nd and 3rd a few times and finished only $15 down from my 35 games.Considering the mental angst I had been suffering after my 15-20 straight crash outs, I felt quite pleased with my resilience.I only subscribe to Sharkscopes 150 searches per day option, so I was also happy to have turned things around even without the use of my favourite sng tracker.Here's the updated graph of last nights shennanigans...

I do need to play more standard speed sngs/mtt's though, as the weakest part of my game is the stage in the where the blinds are not really worth stealing, but they are just big enough to hurt if I've not built a big stack.In the last couple of blogger tourneys I've found myself checking the lobby to see when the blinds go up only to discover there's another ten minutes remaining.The joys of being a turbo junkie I suppose!

Oh, I bubbled in Fridays Raise the river premier league game when I ran my 1010 into JJ.That result leaves me 2nd in the league after four games and I'm looking forward to playing in the Raisetheriver WSOP which starts tomorrow.I plan to play the Holdem events, although I may have to miss the Headsup game on Wednesday as the Rangers game is on.Follow the link on the right,sign up and play!

Before that though don't forget to register for tonights Britbloggerment game on Stars.See previous post for details and remember that although there are leagues running for the individuals and countries, these are only for a bit of fun and anyone is welcome to join the Bloggerment.( you don't have to have played before or commit to playing every week!).You will be made welcome!

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