Friday, August 17, 2007

Home game recap

I thoroughly enjoyed the wee home game last night and made over 20% profit on my cash game buy-in.I plan to invest my £1.30 wisely...

We played 5 handed for most of the night and as with any time I've played live poker,the time flew in.I won a couple of hands from the shady player on my right ( my Mum!) and picked a few spots to bluff and take some pots down after that.We played 10/20 pence blinds and stuck to playing cash with every chip worth 10p.It was far quicker than last time out where we played a wee sng and every hand seemed to take hours.

When they left I hit up a few extreme ( blinds up every 3 hands) turbos on 365 before losing $50 at $50nl and then moving up to $100 nl and winning $70 to leave me $10 up overall.

This weekends plan mainly involves poker,football,The Cincinatti Kid and a couple of good books.

In other news I've mentioned before that football managers and the mince they talk really gets my goat.The latest daft quote is Aberdeen manager,Jimmy
Calderwood,stating that even if celt*c manager,Gordon Strachan managed to win the Champions league every year the celt*c supporters still wouldn't take to him.
Aye right Jimmy,I can just see it...
"We may have won it for the fourth time on the trot but we still hate Strachan cos it was his fault Barcelona got that consolation goal when we beat them 8-1 in the final".....

I see the lottery winner made the front page again because she shopped at a discount shopping centre.I read "The Sun" for the football coverage,Striker cartoon and the magnificent Deirdries photo casebook.

It may seem complete rubbish when they quote an "onlooker" as saying "I couldn't believe she was shopping here" or that other shoppers were "stunned" to see her, but I'm sure it's all true because a UK tabloid newspaper would never lie would they?!

I'd still take The Sun anyday over the lefty liberal hand wringing Guardian or the goosestepping "We're all doomed" Daily Mail.In particular some of the "comments" left by readers on the Daily Mail website, ( yes I read it online just to get my blood pressure up!) especially regarding parents of missing Madeline McCann, make me really angry.The McCanns are going through hell and here are people wanting to vilify them for their every move.

Ok,mini rant over..

Here's a wee funny from the Herald which made me smile..

A Holiday tale from reader Stephen Henson. He tells us of three South African chaps on a wine-tasting tour in France who got fed up being shown yet another wine-making process at a chateau. So they took a short-cut from the rest of the tour and headed directly to the wine-tasting room before the group arrived.

They gaily quaffed a few glasses from the vat of wine there until the others caught up. At that, the tour guide handed everyone a glass, filled them from a bottle and said anyone who didn't want to swallow all the wine could spit it into the vat they kept especially for that purpose.


Ok,that's it for now.Don't forget everyone is welcome to play in the Bloggerment game on Stars this Sunday at 9pm bst/4pm est.Password is donkament.Only $5.50.

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At Friday, 17 August, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

somehow, yer missed how i left with a 100% profit (£5), hehe...

Great night. Did feel a bit shady playin MotherA tho!....

At Saturday, 18 August, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

You must have won a pot whilst I was getting the sausage rolls sorted s-man ;-)

T'was a fine wee game indeed.


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