Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sun stats + ytd

Not much to post about after last nights play.I won a few $ at Laddies,lost a bit on 365 and played some more Mad Tilt tourneys at Pokeroom.I also played a couple of Heads Up sng's at Stars.I lost the first one and reckoned I had won the 2nd when I trapped my opponent with my Jack high straight.A closer look at the board ( it was late and err smokey )revealed I actually only had Jack high, although if there was a 6th community card I had a great drawing hand!

I feel I need more Heads up experience and more standard speed mtt's to give myself a better chance of winning Bloggerment and raisetheriver type games.In Fridays RTR league game I had a big stack with three left but was crippled by two hands.I ran 88 into QQ and not long later ran 77 into those Nolan sisters.( QQ again)

Straight after the game I felt I couldn't get away from the sevens and eights when three handed ,however on reflection I think I played the end game like it was a turbo.The blinds didn't go up to 200/400 until just after I went out in 3rd and I felt my lack of experience when shorthanded with lowish blinds showed.I still consider myself a cash game player first and foremost.Sngs and mtt's will probably always be a nice change of pace, rather than any kind of serious money maker for me.

Aside from the poker I enjoyed watching Rangers beat St mirren 2-0 at Ibrox yesterday with goals from Ferguson and Cousin.Step A loved her earings and had a good birthday all round including a noisy sleepover with her friends last night.

I'm nearly finished reading Irvine Welsh's "If you liked school,you'll love work" and have been very disappointed with it so far.It's nowhere near as good as Trainspotting,Filth or his other collection of short stories,The Acid House.

The only bit so far that I really enjoyed was the part in one story where the main character is chatting about a girl called Jenni he's lusting after.

He says he'll never be popular with her family after her Dad came into the pub he was in with a couple of blokes.One of them was saying something about a place called Kelty and "of course ah couldnae keep ma big mooth shut.Ah goes " Ya hoor ye,only hoors and miners come fae Kelty".So big Tom Cahill,this Jenni lassies faither ,he looks at me aw hard and goes "Ma wife comes fae Kelty".

Weel,sorry,ah jist says tae um,what pit does she work in?

Made me smile anyways!

Here are a few more clips I like so therfore everyone else must watch and like too!( aint that right Rosie?!)

Ok,here are my latest stats since July 29th...

Pokerstars $258,Full Tilt $1520,Pokerroom $513,Party $1147,Ladbrokes $2030.Total $5468 ( + $344 since July 29th)

Last YTD profit figure on June 7th ( since start of 3rd yr of real money play on Oct 31st) $1599.Bankroll stood at $4254.

Profit since June 7th = $1214. New total YTD profit = $2813.

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At Sunday, 12 August, 2007, Blogger Unknown said...

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At Monday, 13 August, 2007, Blogger Kenn said...

damn mate you got tot move up the MTT stakes with a roll that size!!!

nice one


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