Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wed Update

Well I spoke to next door, and she has no problems with the ex or myself, and from what she said it appears the friend two doors down the ex is now spending all her time with, is a bit of a trouble maker.Bottom line though is that I should at least be able to stay where I am until my tennant leaves my flat and I can move back, which is a relief.( until she tries to come up with another excuse!)

It's Step A's birthday on Sunday and I've just called the ex to find out if we're buying a joint present (as Step A doesn't know we've split) only for the ex to tell me she told Step A a "wee while ago".I'm glad the wee one still decided to come for dinner with my family the other night but I'm pretty angry that we didn't tell her together as we'd talked about.

I've not played a lot of poker as I've been very tired and my heads not been right.Last night though,after watching Rangers beat FC Zeta 1-0 to get through to the 3rd round qualifier in the Champions league,I hit the tables.

I started at a £50nl Interpoker 6 max table and played an extremely tight game as I got to know the table and waited for any kind of decent hand or opportunity.Unfortunately I didn't get any playable hands beyond a couple of low pairs which had to be laid down post-flop, and my table also seemed to fairly solid with nobody too far out of line.

Playing such a tight game seems to work best when I've just joined a cash table, as I feel I was previously too keen to "play poker" and get action, which led to me making moves with no reads on the villains play at all.

Anyway I dropped about £10 there and registered for the $10 Headhunter mtt at 10.44pm.I took a couple of bounties and chipped up quite nicely, after deciding that I wasn't interested in scraping into the money, ( top 30 paid but 20th-30th prize was $7)and would gamble it up a bit.I stole several pots with any two cards right on the bubble, and was sitting with an 18k stack with 24 left, when I played the fatal hand that knocked me out.

I had AdJd in the big blind, ( 800/1600 blinds + antes) and a solid big stacked player made it 6k to go when it folded to him in the cut-off.He may have been solid but his bet seemed a little large and I put him on a pair 22-1010 or AK/AQ.I actually thought I had him covered ( he had 135 chips left after his call) and I shoved all in for a couple of reasons.He had an $18 bounty on his head and I hoped my bet would either force him to fold or I could win a coin flip.

He seemed to think for ages before calling with 88 and my hand didn't improve.My read was good but he could well have worked out that I knew he would raise lightly there ( he didn't need a top 5 hand as folded to him and blinds certainly worth stealing) and therefore I was more likely to push with a less than stellar hand meaning he was more likely to be ahead.

23rd and a $2 profit overall inlcuding the bounty money collected!

Tonight at 9pm on Stars I'm playing my Raisetheriver Heads-up game v Hammerheid which should be a decent battle.I've only played HU at the end of sng's when the blinds are high so it'll be a new experience for me to begin HU with low blinds.

Ok,that's all for now...

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