Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nae World Cup for me + Stats

Not too happy with myself for just bombing out of the final heat to qualify for the Scottish world cup team at 'Stars in 16th place.I'd called a raise with AK sooted and played it too slowly on an Ace high flop.I did bet, but not enough to stop Mr JJ catching his Jack on the river.

That saw me reduced to just over 1k in chips.I picked up AK sooted again in late position and raised preflop.The flop came Jack high with two spades and I led out for 360 ,only for the villain to take his time before pushing all in.I had 495 left and though I was sure I was behind, I felt I had to call and try and hit one of my two overs.The villain showed 1010 and I was sent to the rail after no Ace or King fell.

At the time I thought I was getting good pot odds to call off my last 495 ,though now I'm wondering if it would have been better to fold and try and rebuild in that spot.

My Headhunter jinx continued ( not taken one bounty in three games) last night at Interpoker too after my Kings were busted by some muppet and his 108 soooted.I'm still getting the hang of how to adapt to these games.I like the idea but I'm not sure that style of tourney suits my game.

I did have a bit more joy at the Stars $16,18 player turbos last night.I went out of the first one after another nasty suckout and then decided to fire up two at the same time, which is not something I've tried too often with sng's.I bubbled in one and won the other for a wee profit.

I moved to Laddies and two tabled for a while ,winning my biggest pots with top pair,top kicker.I even played heads up for 1/2hr and watched my stack swing up and down until I finally took most of the villains with a well disguised straight.I looked about for other very shorthanded tables, but there were only ones with 2-3 players all with well over the table buy-in, and as it was losers I was looking for,I stuck to 6 max and full ring games.

Here is my favourite hand of the night...

** Game ID 799284703 starting - 2007-07-29 03:38:57
** hejaheja. [Hold 'em] (0.50|1.00 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- Acornman sitting in seat 4 with $93.50
- ShaunB1 sitting in seat 5 with $121.62
- pokerian sitting in seat 6 with $101.33 [Dealer]
- AndyRiz sitting in seat 7 with $162.19
- golffish25 sitting in seat 8 with $177.37
- Sir_Teddy sitting in seat 9 with $97.00
- pokerchutney sitting in seat 10 with $122.94

AndyRiz posted the small blind - $0.50
golffish25 posted the big blind - $1.00
** Dealing card to Acornman: 3 of Hearts, 4 of Hearts
Sir_Teddy called - $1.00
pokerchutney folded
Acornman called - $1.00

>>> Not a call I'd make everytime but if I hit the flop....

ShaunB1 folded
pokerian folded
AndyRiz called - $1.00
golffish25 checked

** Dealing the flop: 10 of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, 8 of Diamonds
AndyRiz checked
golffish25 checked
Sir_Teddy checked

>>> Three weak checks.I'll take a wee stab at it with my flush draw.

Acornman bet - $4.00
AndyRiz folded
golffish25 raised - $8.00
Sir_Teddy folded

>>golffish seemed a bit loose but no reads as to how good he is.Not sure a reraise would get him to fold so I'll call and see turn card.
Acornman called - $8.00

** Dealing the turn: 2 of Diamonds
golffish25 bet - $10.00

>>Now any 5 would give me the straight or any heart for the flush.If he has the Ace then I doubt I can push him out here by reraising.

Acornman called - $10.00

** Dealing the river: Jack of Hearts
golffish25 bet - $10.00

>>> His $10 seems weak and I reckon my flush is good here.

Acornman raised - $35.00
golffish25 called - $35.00
Acornman shows: 3 of Hearts, 4 of Hearts
golffish25 mucks:
Acornman wins $107.00 from the main pot

>>> It is indeed good!

Left Laddies about $130 up and hit my secret santa Interpoker account.I bought in for $80 ( nearly my full Inter roll) at a $200nl table and ran it up to $140 before logging off and getting to bed around 5am.I know I stay up far too late playing but the tables just seem to be so much jucier in the early hours of the morning.I blame the chair glue!

Ok, I'm busy trying to download Bet365 software and register in time for Kennys charity game.See previous post for donations link.Ok,I'm signed up on the site and now registered for the game!

I'm not going to include the £30 I now have on Bet365 in my main bankroll.This gives me two accounts ( Inter is my other secret santa account) outside my main roll and will be used mainly for fun and for allowing me to abandon my usual tight arse bank roll management rules.

Here are my latest stats ( further update at month end).

Pokerstars $255,Ladbrokes $1748,Party $1118,Pokerroom $483,Full Tilt $1520.Total $5124 ( + $377 since July 15th).

Great to see my roll over $5k for the first time ever.( always cashed out before hitting $5k mark)

It seemed a long way off after my -$700 tilt nightmare back in May.I move back home in Sept and money may be tighter, but hopefully I can leave the bankroll to ( hopefully) grow further.Considering the weakness of the US dollar I really should probably set up a separate bank account and withdraw most of my roll from poker accounts and keep it there.Having over $1500 on Full Tilt for example probably makes no sense as I don't play there too often at all.At an exchange rate of over $2 per £1 and rising it's just giving money away keeping it there.

Just checked and we have 16 registered so far for tonights Britbloggerment game on Stars.( see yesterdays post for details).Hopefully we can have another record turnout.Only $5.50.Get registering.....

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At Monday, 30 July, 2007, Blogger surflexus said...

It was great seeing you on the virtual felt! Thanks for making me feel welcome.

At Monday, 30 July, 2007, Blogger syferium said...

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At Monday, 30 July, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

Congrats on the 2nd place old man! good hunting!

At Monday, 30 July, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Surf.Hope to see you again next Sunday!

Thx Juice.Not bad for an old geezer eh!


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