Sunday, July 22, 2007

Decent wee night

On Friday night I spent just over 3 1/2 hours playing an $11 mtt on Stars and scraped into the money by finishing 156th from 2487 starters for a whopping $19 pay out.I'd pushed with A10h from the button and ran into the Big Blinds QQ.

Last night I began by playing a $25 ( $5k gtd) mtt and managed 70th from 211 when I ran my JJ into QQ.I think on reflection if I'm going to play mtt's then I'd prefer a slightly higher entry fee and a smaller field of players.

Multi table tourneys are the only poker game now where I feel very inexperienced compared to cash games and sng's.Not much fun playing for hours then going out on one nightmare type hand but I suppose if you can live with the variance,the rewards are good.

After my last mtt I looked around for a juicy cash game and began two tabling $100nl full ring tables at Party.The good news for my roll is that I played some half decent poker and my big hands held up, which resulted in me leaving about $300 up.My biggest hands included flopping quads Kings and getting action from QQ ,flopping a set of Jacks v QQ ,and good old top pair top kicker holding up ( AK) v a donkeys J10 on an A 10 8 6 K board.

I feel I'm getting used to $100 nl and I'm not feeling at all out my depth at the tables I've played at.I was happy with my play last night and the result but strangely I didn't feel a great deal of joy.This is probably a good thing because I'm trying not to go too much the other way if I have a poor night at the virtual felt.I saw a lot of bad beats at my tables and I think I'm well aware of how quickly a buy-in or two can be lost on the turn of a card and this helps stop me getting too excited by a few decent hands holding up.

Ok, I'm annoyed now! I read an excellent comment by Wil Wheaton yesterday and now I can't find it anywhere.I'm sure he left it as a comment on someones blog and I liked it so much I thought I'd link to it today.Dang!

The general gist of it was that when it comes to poker and results there's no great score keeper reading blogs etc and marking you up or down for the week.I often feel if I don't include absolutely every result from every game played in my blog, then I'm not being true to myself or anyone reading, which on reflection is actually quite silly as my roll updates are regular and honest.

I do log most results anyway, as one of the main reasons I started this blog was for exactly that reason.I am more wary now than ever though about being a slave to short term results.I do still find myself playing less poker near the end of the month ( or fortnight) if my stats are due to be posted and I'm ahead, or getting annoyed at making a bad start when I've just posted them and I'm in a new period of results.It was as if I could sense people reading and judging me when really the only person doing much judging is myself.

Sure we're all happy for blogging friends who do well and can certainly empathise when the poker gods turn nasty, but at the end of the day poker isn't a team game and the only person we're all truly accountable to is ourselves.

Righty that's all for this weekend.Don't forget to register for tonights Britbloggerment game on Stars...

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At Monday, 23 July, 2007, Blogger The Cloud said...

Interesting point about posting results.
I know, as a poker blogger, that I want to be seen as a good poker player - and if I have a bad run, I start thinking that people reading are judging my poker, and that can add a certain pressure.

Although, as you say, in poker you are really only accountable to one person - and that is yourself.


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