Sunday, July 08, 2007


Just a short post today as I'm exhausted from not sleeping well.I went to bed around 4am and ended up getting back up and trying again around 7am ish and finally dropping off.I had dropped Mrs A off at her work around 6ish last night and she's still not home yet today.I had to leave the front door unlocked as I wasn't sure if she'd taken her key or not and I wasn't about to phone her to check.No more to say on that just now but if the sleepless nights continue I'm going to the Docs for something to help knock me out.

I did enjoy a laugh playing poker last night with the San Jose Salmon and the s-man at Pokerstars and made the money in a few turbo sng's.I was rivered a few times too,the worst of which was shoving from the small blind with 88 and being called by the Big Blind donkey and his 78.( 7 on flop and turn).As usual I had no problem with the donkey actually calling ( that's why he's a donkey afterall!)but was just annoyed at my own rotten luck.

I did play a little more Full Tilt $200nl ( full ring) and made $30 by playing extremely tight but aggressive poker.( the wee owl next to my name on Pokertracker backed that up).I was $20 down at one point but a raise with AK and then firing two bullets on a J 10 5 flop ( gutshot and two overcards) won me a wee pot and put me in profit.

San Jose Salmon mentioned playing for the buzz and there were certainly a few heart thumping moments at that table.I worry about that a little as I want to play good poker and not chase the buzz of a big pot.At $50nl and even $100 to an extent I'm happy or sad to win or lose a buy-in but I'm generally detached enough not to get too emotional either way and I think that helps my game.

Ok,off to finish watching Federer v Nadal in the Wimbledon final.Seems a long time since I used to batter a tennis ball off the wall of our old house taking turns to be Borg and McEnroe.

Don't forget to register for tonights Britblogger game on Stars.All welcome.See previous post for details.

Oh and hats off to Mark at Plant Gong for a real laugh out loud post.Spot on too.Bad beat me and yer getting banjoed!

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