Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Britbloggerment 15:Sun 9pm.Pass:Donkament

First up,thanks again to all who commented on my last post or contacted me.

On Sunday night I didn't see me ever posting again here and I wrote Mondays words with tears in my eyes.I've been off work and will probably remain off all week.Mrs A and Step A are off to Millport for a week this Sat, so Nacho and I will have the place to ourselves.

It's not all doom and gloom though.It struck me that what is making me most upset is the thought of not being here day to day for Step A and my dog.Hearing the wee one tell me to "chop chop" ( hurry up) in the morning, helping her with her homework,insisting she loves Johnny Cash as I play it during the run to school,watching her happy with her friends etc are just some of the things I'm going to miss terribly.I'm also going to miss Nacho bigtime and seeing him on a Wed night and for one weekend night just doesn't seem enough.

I will still get to see Step A and Nacho though.Mrs A and I have been getting on far better since Sunday night.I don't know if it's forced niceness on her behalf or just her relief at knowing I'll be gone in Sept, but if we can stay friends then it surely means I'll get to see more of Step A and my boy ( Nacho) and I don't need to mourn like I'm losing them forever.( which is how I've felt this week)

If I'm honest my feelings are still very much up and down at the moment.Maybe knowing I have almost 2 1/2 months left to enjoy the summer with Step A is what's keeping me going.I've had kind offers from Mother Acorn and my sister to stay in their spare rooms if I want but I feel I want to make the most of the time I have with Step A and Nacho and will only move if things turn sour/nasty between Mrs A and I.

I only played a $1.40 sng the other night as I didn't trust myself to play any higher.I still can't bear to think of telling Step A I'll be leaving as I feel so close to her, but we have decided to leave telling her I'm going until nearer the time.Perhaps it's a reflection on the state of my relationship with Mrs A,that the wee one probably won't notice much difference over the next 2 months.I suppose time will tell on that one.

Maybe I'm kidding myself on re my feelings for Mrs A too and it's just my anger at being given the cold shoulder over the last month or so that's numbed me.Again time will tell I suppose.

I'm still in two minds over my next move.I could go back to my flat in Sept and only have a fairly low mortgage to pay.The flat isn't in the greatest area of East Kilbride but I never had much hassle before and was there for nearly 10 years.I'm just not sure if going there will feel like being back home or like a huge backwards step.( thanks to Miasdad for the reassuring comment on that btw)

If I did move back to my flat then I would really need to spend some ££ doing the place up as I've owned it for nearly 14 years without doing much to it.Doing that in itself may be enough to make it feel like a new pad.

I do have ( or will have) enough money ( without touching my poker roll!)in Sept to rent somewhere in a better area than my flat.I've seen a 2 bedroom semi in a lovely area not too far away which would cost me about £1800 on top of my mortgage over a years rent.I could afford it for a year, and moving somewhere totally new for a fresh start seems very tempting.If I move back to my flat though, that £1800 can be invested in somewhere I own, and besides if I really want out when I go back, then I can sell it and buy a new place elsewhere.

Ok,back to being a poker blog. Don't forget to register for this Sundays Britbloggerment mtt at 'Stars.( under Private tourneys).Password is donkament and it starts at 9pm bst ( or 4pm est in Stars lobby)and only costs $5.50.All welcome and it should be easier this week as my fellow Joint Supreme Overlord ( we don't take our roles in this too seriously!) is actually playing live in Scotlands 2nd city this weekend and I'll probably still be an emotional trainwreck!

The Bloggerment is open to all bloggers and readers.Hope to see you there....

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At Thursday, 28 June, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

i didn't realise Mrs A was going to keep little nacho as well. Its completely understandable how you are feeling acorn. Men are not unfeeling rocks. We care about things and grow attachments. I think you have it right mate. Spend as much time with nacho and Step A as you can although dont leave i too late to tell step a. Keep going mate. You will be ok.

At Thursday, 28 June, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...


please be careful regarding telling step A ... not sure how old she is, but they (kids) are a hell of a lot sharper than you think !

Best Wishes for All



At Thursday, 28 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I've now arranged to have Nacho overnight on Thus nights aswell as a weekend night.I've said I'll be over to walk him( and see Step A)on Tues and have already agreed I'd be babysitting Step A on Wed nights.All this means hopefully I'll see plenty of the wee one and the Nacho man.

Step A is nearly 13 dD and I'm dreading telling her as I feel as though I ( we) are letting her down.Best left until a couple of weeks before I go if possible though imo.

At Friday, 29 June, 2007, Anonymous SanJose Salmon said...

Acorn, can only begin to imagine how you feel and totally pissed I'm not around to look out for you, like you were for me what now seems like a long time ago. Think you're right in keeping your options open on whether to move out or not, but if there's even a hint of friction then it might be best to bite the bullet and get out before it goes too far and f*cks with your mind or puts seeing step A in jeopardy once you do leave!

On the flat, just think of some of the great times had there... me going over on my ankle playing fittba oot the back, me uncoscious on the floor before the bells at new year after drinking THAT mescal and eating the horrible worm, a few "bouncy" nights when we were buzzing with youthful energy (geez how long ago was that), the numerous and hillarious nights shamkin oor bawz aff!!! The constant complaints fae everybody about the cold and asking you to close the window - until you bought that temperature gauge and claimed it was 72 (I still think that was rigged, but it does show you were always a true follower of the hammer even before texas holdem :). The boys nights, the lads nights and that sober night! (personally I don't recall that one :) All in all there was a hell of a lot of good times had there and that was before Mrs A, although it won't feel like it now they'll happen again!

As always got loads to say for masell so I'll continue... If you need to get away California is a fantastic place and the Vics is not working and would love the company during the day if I'm working, Napa is 2 hours drive away - yes I will get you onto wine, 1 hour drive to San Fran and Alcartraz (don't think we've even stayed in that Jail ;). Which reminds of a cool saying {Time for a Dynamic interlude} "when you wake up in a jail after a night out, a good friend bails you out, a best friend smiles at you and says "that was one hell of a night out!" {interlude over} and final piece of trouty bait..... Vegas is only 7 hours drive away, and I'm sure not long on a cheap flight!!! The lads could finally live the dream... although you're keeping my roll and kicking me off the tables once I'm drunk :)

Even if you can't make it now or don't think you're up for it right now if you do move into yer flat then save the money for a trip to Vegas, I'll meet you there, live it up and reward yersell, you never know you kmight quit yer job and be a professional poker player/gambler - I'll give you 10-1 on drinking, evens on shmaking and 1-10 on poker (unles sone game decides it - think we're evens at a live game a piece?

Anyway, I'll buzz yeh at the weekend and lets catch up, hang in there and always remember no matter where we all are or what time zone we're in your true mates will ALWAYS stand by you and help any way we can!!!!!!!!!!!!

SanJose Touty Miami Mark Salmon (did I forget to mention the Dam busters :)

At Friday, 29 June, 2007, Anonymous Mrs sanJose Salmon said...

{another dynamic interlude fae the Ics.....}

Hi zagga thinking of you!! I know that you are strong enough to get through this, just think of this as a new chapter in your life!

When I was going through a hard time many years ago, speaking to you and your positive outlook always made me "think of the bright side of life", your witty comments and jokes aside always made me chortle and realise that you can get through anything with a bit of support from your friends. I know we don't keep in touch as we used to, however the odd chat and hearing you through skype means so much and reminds me of what good times we had. I'll always be here for you! Would love to skypoe I'm not working 15 hours a day, like someone we know!! So lets get in touch, Love Vickeeeeee

At Friday, 29 June, 2007, Blogger Rosie said...

Yeah, Acorn go to Vegas, Baby!

At Friday, 29 June, 2007, Blogger dD said...

gaun yersel trout ! and gaun yersel Mrs trout !

outstanding support, so nice to see :)



At Friday, 29 June, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Mic n Vics,your comments mean a lot to me and I'll hopefully catch you both on skype soon.

Yesterday I was ready to take the plunge with the 2 bed rented place but today I'm thinking my flat may be the best option.Some fine times were had in my flat right enough and it seems silly to give £1800 to another home owner when I have my own place.Still got about 10 days before I need to give my tennant notice.

The flat option would also mean more ££ in my pocket and Vegas sounds just the place to blow it, though my heads spinning so fast I can't really think as to exactly when just yet.

Spot on dD btw.I'm a lucky guy to have the friends I do.( old and new)

At Saturday, 30 June, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

is anyone also amazed to discover there is a mrs san jose salmon?


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