Sunday, June 24, 2007

The long warm up

Spent loads of time messing around yesterday and finally decided to begin my pokery fun by playing a $1 Brit/Irish mtt on Stars with about 80 others.I was down to 200 chips after my flopped two pair big blind special ( gotta love 53 off) was beaten by a higher flopped 2 pair ( Q5).Can you work the flop out ? :-)

I won an all in with Aces and before I knew it I was chip leader by a mile and wondering when I was ever going to get to play a proper $$$ game! I very rarely chat at the tables I play at, but as it was only $1 I happily got involved and had a good laugh doing so.

I made the final table in 2nd and much like the Britblogger game,pride came into it and despite the lowly prizes on offer,everyone seemed to be playing to win.I came 3rd for $20 after my AK was beaten by k10sooooted.The poker gods must have enjoyed that one because a player won a huge pot at my earlier table after going all in with k10 sooted after a raise and reraise and the move was debated for ages afterwards.Well, until the player complaining pushed QJ and went out!All good fun and it was nice chatting to some of the UKFF crew ( Skivey,Minx-girl,Everton babe,Trikky Dikky,Big Dazzer,slimcraigs,jashawk,Paulo n co) who were playing.

After that I played some $50 nl at Laddies and won over $90.I decided to step up and take a wee shot at $1-$2 6 max ( I don't take nearly enough shots at higher levels)and after dropping $60 pretty quickly I moved to two tabling $100nl full ring games.I came out even there over two hours play.I did lay down AK after making the mistake of limping with it and then raising a King high flop.A big stack reraised me on the turn and although I could have been ahead ( it was $10 to call into a $40 pot) I laid it down.Maybe a little weak as he could easily have had KQ/KJ.I don't mind limping with AK if there's a mad tilter about, but not in full ring games like this one as the villain could easily have made 2 pair.

A couple of wee things before I'm done.I reckon the main difference between my cash game and tourney approach is that in cash games I don't want to appear too tight in order that I'll get paid off when I hit, whereas in tourney games a tight image is ideal for stealing when the blinds go up.

Short -stacked Seamus is putting out some quality posts just now.I loved his quote by Eugene Todd,taken from a Poker Wire radio interview where Eugene was asked about the caliber of play in the WSOP so far this year.

"“Brutal. So bad. If I went to the supermarket and put a table in aisle five and picked out the next 10 people that came and played poker with them, they’d be better than the f*&!ing idiots we’re playing with downstairs.”

Don't forget to register for tonights Britbloggerment game on Stars.See previous posts for details.

I'm off to Sainsburys to test Eugenes theory....

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