Friday, June 29, 2007

New Car arrived.

I didn't sleep too well last night even after playing poker until the wee sma' oors with Rosie and Juice.I'm not a great sleeper at the best of times and having ( as my mate the Big Chap would say) my head full of wee wheels n cogs all going the wrong way doesn't help.Chatting with Rosie and Juice really cheered me up, as have the comments left on my recent posts.I feel lucky to have such friends.

Yesterday I was set on renting that new semi-detached place I mentioned.I got my new car yesterday and when I drove over for a look, the guy doing the garden let me have a look inside and it was lovely.Today I'm back to being set on returning to my flat and using the extra ££ to do some decorating and possibly get a holiday ( Vegas baby!) at some point.The semi may be lovely but when the door closes at night it's not going to make much difference to my happiness and my flat has a better bit just outside it for walking Nacho.

As mentioned in my comments, I've now loosely agreed to pop over on a Mon or Tues and see Step A and walk Nacho.On Wed I'll be over to look after Step A as Mrs A ( I suppose I should say ex Mrs A)will be working.She works Thus night too and I've said I would take the dog overnight then too and bring him back Fri am.Hopefully I can also do the school run on Fri mornings and I'll have the dog again on Fri or Sat night.She has said she will take Step A to her work with her on Thus nights but I'm kind of hoping Step A will want to be at home to play with her friends and I can look after her then too.I'll also be downloading msn at some point and can chat to her on that too.

My mate SJS ( San Jose Salmon) is right about getting out sooner if there's friction in the air.So far so good, though she made a big deal previously about me saying ( at first because I later suggested we make a night of it)I only fancied attending her cousins wedding reception for a couple of hours because I had work the next day.She ended up working and not going at all.

Obviously I have a few questions I'd like answered and the me of 10 years ago would probably have steamed in head first.She told me for example that she'd decided over last weekend, but she also told me( about a month ago) her friend two doors away was finishing with her man but they were going on one last holiday together.Considering how distant Mrs A has been for weeks I reckon her decision was made long ago.In the end though I don't suppose it really matters and the main thing is getting on and ensuring access to Step A.( and Nacho!)

I am going to miss Mrs A bigtime too when I move out, but not the Mrs A of the last couple of months.I used to feel she was my best friend aswell as a lover and partner but more recently that feeling has been eroded away a bit.I think there's still confusion there as the S-man invited me down tonight, and at first I fancied it as the s-man is great company and getting away from here for a couple of hours seemed a fine idea.

Now Mrs A and I seem to be getting on better than ever, and as she's going away for a week, I'm thinking I'll hang around here tonight, as I'll miss her when she goes.Silly really as she wont be missing me and will probably be 2 doors along anyway.I am still giving her lifts to work etc and she has mentioned she'll be making my sandwiches for lunch next week and putting them in the freezer.

Righty to the poker which does seem a little meaningless just now.I have managed to keep the heid at the tables though and have actually come out on top over the last few days.I did play Pokerrooms crack cocaine like $2.50 "mad tilt" turbos where you get 60 chips and blinds start at 10-20.I played the 50 player ones and failed 7/7 after getting my money in as fav 6/7 times.Not bad beats as such but they felt that way.Still good entertainment for $2.50 a go, though I don't plan on making those games a regular leak.

I managed a 2nd in a $6 ,18 player turbo at Stars last night ( Rosie came itm in the other one which I busted out of by slow playing a flopped straight) and also a 2nd at a Full Tilt $11 turbo.JJ on my first hand and a set of two's won me a buy-in at Laddies and I also got lucky at Stars and won a buy in with KK all in preflop v Aces when I spiked a King on the flop.( frittered the Stars winnings away sadly)

Ok,I've another 1986 revisted post I made earlier ready to go and I suppose a monthly stats update is due tomorrow.I should also mention I'm really pleased with my new Focus ST 170.It seems just the right mix of speed and build.(14369 miles)

Don't forget to register for Bloggerment 15 at Stars on Sunday ( 9pm bst,4pm ET under private tournaments,pass:donkament,$5.50).Everyone welcome.

Oh and if your looking for somewhere to chew the fat about poker or pimp your blog then register over at Raise the river and have your say.You'll be made more than welcome there too.

Last word is to wish Burnley Mik all the best at in his next tourney at the Scottish Poker championship through in Edinburgh.Read about his progress at the raise the river link above...

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