Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ups n Downs

Mrs A called last night for the first time since she went away on holiday with Step A.A few factors had led me to believe we may be able to make another go of it, but I think I now realise that's not going to happen.

We got on brilliantly last week,we're still helping each other out ( lifts to work,sandwiches getting made etc),she's not told many of our friends and even her friend from two doors down is giving it another go with her man.

After a long friendly chat last night I asked if we could talk about us when she returned and got the frosty answer that there was "not much to talk about".
I've been keeping my spirits up and that came as a bit of a blow and probably brought me back to reality.I've still not been sleeping well and have been going to bed later and later to avoid lying awake going over it all.

I also let it affect my poker last night, as just after that phone call I lost a buy-in at Laddies when my flopped set lost to a flopped flush.I then lost another when I called a raise with KQ at a very loose table,hit my Queen and slow played my way into trouble, by letting the villain catch 2 pair with his 45off.I read his preflop raise as not being strong and didn't believe his continuation bet but I was too weak to reraise with my Queen and push him out of the hand.

I did win back $15 at that table before leaving and also won $30 at a juicy full ring Full Tilt table where I felt I was back to playing near my best.I can slip into a very passive mode too easily but was alive to any opportunity at that table.I especially enjoyed floating with JQ sooted and bluffing the scarey river card.When the villain typed "river" in the chat box before folding I managed to resist showing and blowing my tight image.

Dinner tonight at my Mum and Dads and I'm thankfully off work tomorrow.It's not easy dealing with complaint letters to the company directors, with people writing about minor incidents being " disgraceful and stressful" or "ruining my life" when I feel like shouting "Let me tell you what's feckin stressful!".

Ok here's a couple of funnies from the paper to finish with and brighten up this post..

A reader wonders whether the flooding in England means that all those successful dart throwers who won the grand final on Jim Bowen's Bullseye programme all those years ago have finally managed to get some use out of the speedboats they won.

Meanwhile, internet interest grows on plain-speaking airport worker John Smeaton who tackled one of the airport terrorists then explained in interviews: "This is Glasgow. We'll just set aboot ye," which is now being produced on T-shirts in America.

John also described the scene as like when you throw a can of deodorant on a bonfire.

Only in Glasgow, one suspects, do folk think nothing of throwing inflammable containers on fires to see what happens.

Oh and to the person who found my blog after searching for "where do I score weed in Majorca?" may I suggest those friendly African guys that wander the beaches selling sunglasses.Just a thought ;-)

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At Saturday, 07 July, 2007, Blogger Mark said...

Hey Acornman, just to add that 'Banjoed' as a verb has started hitting the streets of Budapest already - that airport guy should be an international superstar!!

Cheers, Mark

At Saturday, 07 July, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

In a "gies mare goulash or ah'm gonny banjoe ye" kind of way? :-)

At Sunday, 08 July, 2007, Blogger Juice said...

Head up Mr Acornman!


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