Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday stats ( Monthly update)

Stayed up far too late last night playing poker,not helped by a dose of man flu.Started by running 99 into AQ at a Laddies player point sat, before playing some sng's with Rosie at 'Stars and Laddies.The Laddies ones went slightly better for me, though I did get some unexpected 2 outer luckboxery in one of them! I also, as Rosie kindly pointed out,failed to beat the tables resident drunken donkey by crashing out before him!

By 3.30am there was a $50nl tab ( 6 max) with a $28 ave pot and I managed to lose $40 with KJ v J10 on a J high board ( he had 2 pair) before my AQ held up for a buy-in v the table maniac on a Q high flop.

The J10 player also made a great call against me when I called a raise from him with J10soooted.Perhaps it was because I had the hand he beat me with that I called, which isn't great poker, but I suppose J10sooted is ahead of hands like 55 so it wasn't the worst call ever.

His continuation bet included a .50 ($3.50) and for some reason I'm always more suspicious that a villain has missed the flop when they don't just bet a solid figure.By now I'd figured he was a decent player and decided to call,hoping to take it down on a later street.There was also a flush draw out there too.Bottom line was that the flush draw never came in although after a Queen high flop,we saw another Queen on the river.I reckoned he was on AK and had missed the board.I bet $11 into the pot ( acting first) hoping it would look like I had hit my Q, had been trapping and now wanted paid.I think he knew I probably put him on AK and was trying to represent the Queen to scare him.He may well have also put me on a busted flush draw, but regardless he did call with his AK ( Ace high) and took it down.Well played sir!

Ok,time for a couple of rolls and square sausage followed by a walk for Nacho and a lazy day before tonights Bloggerment game on 'Stars....

Pokerstars $59 ,Ladbrokes $1632,Pokerroom $523,Party $894,Full Tilt $1443.Total $4551. ( + $305 since May 27th)

Note to self:No more Pokerroom $2.50 ,50 player Mad Tilt mtt's with 60 chips to start and blinds at 10-20 rising quickly! It's a leak and not profitable!


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