Saturday, July 07, 2007

Common People

I've been jumping from one site to another over the last couple of nights,playing everything from a $6 turbo to $200nl Full ring at Full Tilt.

Mrs A and Step A also arrived home early yesterday afternoon due to the rainy weather at the caravan site they were at.Considering she spent most of last night at her friends place two doors down ,I'm not kidding myself that any serious talk we have is going to lead to any change in our current situation.I'll need to tell the letting agency to give my tennant ( in my flat)2 months notice early next week and I don't reckon there will be any going back after that.

Back to the poker and I think I've been playing reasonably well and having been coping quite well with the usual swings in fortune.I've also been laying down my big pairs far more often when I've felt they are beaten and although I've still made the occasional awfuckit call,I've managed to keep my emotions in check afterwards and not leak more $$$.

I read a couple of great quotes from a Bobby Baldwin interview over at Tao of Poker ,
"There's always more to learn about poker. Also, make certain that you can take a punch. You will lose big pots. You will lose everyday for a month sometimes. You have to have the confidence that your game will prevail in the end."
"Even if you are the best player in the world, you still have to contend with Lady Luck. She can be a bitch sometimes."

I think I still need to start each game with more confidence.Part of the problem is that I detest arrogance as a personality trait and yet a certain amount is required to say to yourself "I'm the best player at this table and I'm going to show it".In reality though there's no need to be the best player as long as there are one or two fishy types who are obviously out of line with their play.

Mind you, I saw one player raise all in preflop for a buy-in with A8 and the other guy call that bet with Q10soooted.Total fishfest? Well the caller was some guy called Phil Ivey....( Full Tilt high stakes table the other night).All meta-game and way above my head I'm sure but on the face of it ...he's a donkey!

I enjoyed my wee stint at the Full Tilt $200 nl table I mentioned and I'm tempted to devote my whole FT roll ( nearly $1500) to taking a shot there.I have enough faith in myself to know that I'm very very unlikely to go broke playing $50nl on a $3k roll ,let alone the $4.5k I have in total and taking a wee shot doesn't seem out of the question.I have also been two tabling $50nl 6 max more often and finding that mutli-tabling helps make the decisions more logic and read based and I'm not letting emotions cloud the issues as much.

It's as though sometimes in my head I need to separate my leisure poker ($6 turbos etc) from the more serious stuff where I'm not just playing to pass time or have fun but to try and make a decent profit.

Ok,it's a lovely sunny day.I'm off to watch more of Wimbledon and walk Nacho.

Here's a couple of songs from the album which helped me through my last break up.Truly "Different Class"...

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