Monday, July 09, 2007

Mon Update

I nearly didn't play the Bloggerment tourney last night as Mrs A ( Ex Mrs A)and I had a last fruitless talk about us, and I was left staring into space for a couple of hours before the game started.

I am ok though I think, despite the continued lack of sleep.Too much time on the laptop is one of the main reasons for splitting and though I feel like I've been a crappy unattentive partner at times,I also feel there are probably deeper underlying reasons for this.

It's perhaps selfish to feel rejected after a year in which Mrs A's Mum died and she started the menopause but I reckon that was part of it.The closeness we once shared seemed to evaporate and that in turn led to me escaping more into the net and poker.

I hope she feels I tried my best to support her through last year but we've never been the greatest people for talking about feelings etc and I can understand her wanting to deal with such a devastating blow on her own to some extent.

Perhaps too, never being able to have kids of my own with her affected my feelings, although I'd kind of got used to that idea and had been making the most of being the best Dad possible to Step A.

Whatever the reasons there's no going back and my sisters advice to take care of the practicalities and the emotional side will take care of itself seems good.I've called my letting agency and given 2 months notice to my tennant.I'm still unsure if I'll stay there long before selling up and seeking somewhere I can make a proper fresh start.I'll see how I feel once I'm there.

I really don't intend turning this space into a depressing blog on a relationship split.I suppose it just helps sometimes to write things down for clarity.

To the poker and I amazed myself by not donking out first and managing 3rd place in the Britbloggerment game.

I only really remember a few hands.My JJ held up against Juices AQ shove and I went out when I picked up the Nolan sisters ( QQ),raised preflop,hit trips Queens and lost to a runner runner flush.No complaints though.Good game and good banter.Congrats to Cell19 on winning and to Hammerheid for making it such a good heads up battle.Also good to see a couple of new faces ( well avatars!) too.Well played to Mair38 and the aforementioned Hammerheid for making the final table on your debuts.

Ok,thanks for reading....


At Tuesday, 10 July, 2007, Blogger Cell 1919 said...

I reckon, judging by the support that I've seen given on other blogs, that this is exactly the place to talk about things. It does help to write it down sometimes.

No magic solutions of course but even though people may never meet or talk the thought that someone's sat at their desk reading, and hopefully commenting on, your own blog does give a sense of comfort.

Sorry that things seem to be taking a final turn. As for poker being an escape, oh yes, how I I can relate to that!!!

If you search hard enough you'll find my entry on Pudding's bl;og where I 'fessed up to hiding away from my financial problems on poker. The moment they kinda resolved my game went downhill a bit. More than a coincidence I reckon as I stuck my head out of the study door once in a while and poker ceased to become everything.

Good luck :)

Oh, and well done in the bloggerment. I thought you were going to catch me up in second place at one stage, but thankfully (for me!) it didn't happen. GG though :)

At Tuesday, 10 July, 2007, Blogger dD said...

sorry to read about the final nail.

on a , hopefully, brighter note, if you wanna get oot ra hoose and away from it all for an evening or two ... no i aint asking for a date before some wag comments ... i am up for some live poker next week !
away fair weekend, back on monday, so if u fancy a poker nite oot, let me know.

for what its worth I think your sister is spot on. gotta move forwards. good luck and all the best.



btw bricking it to play live and i need someone to hold my hand :))

At Tuesday, 10 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...


ever heard of the Cincinnati Club in the toon ?

came across a web site for it ...



At Tuesday, 10 July, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Maybe your right about writing things down Cell.I just don't want to depress anyone reading too!

I'm terrible at finding the right thing to say on other peoples posts sometimes and the fact that people take time out to comment here does give me a real boost.

On the bloggerment game if only those trip Queens had could have beaten me heads up instead of hammerheid :-)

Well done again mate.Onwards and upwards!

A live game sounds like a good idea dD.Only ever visited the wabash club ( even then only a few times, usually for the Sunday game.

Being a tight git the £25 Friday feezeout at the Cincinnati may best option.Drop me an email soon mate and we can get something sorted.

At Wednesday, 11 July, 2007, Anonymous The Salmon said...

Hang in there mate, your sisters advice is sound!! As you know the Ics are always around and support in whichever form is needed is there. Vics is alone most of the week apart from checking out the odd apartment to resolve our homeless situation in 2.5 weeks and I know she'd love you to give her a buzz (I'll leave the speakers on so she hears the skypoe going - you tell her to pull the plug oot the front of the pc and put on the ear piece and then she can chat away). You know she's always good for sound advice or just listening!!

A live game an the salmon is no there to join in (and bust oot fairly quickly) - very jealous!! Go oot and enjoy yourself, easy to say but going oot is the first step to forgetting whats going on and gets you away from "habits" that you've been used to for a good few years, break the habit and things will be easier.

And save yer dosh and get over to San Jose - the Salmon is oot of water.. somebody Shtop me!! You know we'll go LARGE!!!! BTW I've got it on good authority that you can buy boomerang chips at the Bellagio, wanna find out?


At Wednesday, 11 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...


will drop u a line afore I bugger off for fair weekend.

£25 !! ffs i was hoping for something closer to a fiver, tops ... snigger snigger

lmao @ the trout !
sound advice and support from the table trash talker ... who'd have thought eh ?
you should take up fishing ... with the way they bite at the bloggerment ... he he he

good man trout, good man !




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