Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ellie Priestly Memorial Tournament

Please see Kennys blog for more details on this fantastic tournament and remember if you can't play,you can still donate!

Don't forget either to register for this weeks Britbloggerment 17 tourney which is open to all.Great work on the banner again this week dD.

I played no poker at all on Mon night and only a couple of wee games last night with Rosie at Stars and Laddies.

I did at least get some sleep on Monday night and after forgetting to set the alarm this morning ,I managed to wake up late for work.No problems with my boss and although my flexi is now running way below what's agreed,I do feel a little less like a shattered zombie!

Not much planned for tonight other than looking after Step A ( and she'll never be ex Step A as far as I'm concerned) as ex Mrs A is working.Tomorrow night I'm heading over to Maw n Paw Acorns for my sisters birthday dinner.

It's the Glasgow Fair this weekend and while it's tempting to take Monday off altogether,I'll be working for 5 hours at Bank Holiday rates to help boost the bank balance.

Ok,that's it for today.Just time to say thanks again to everyone who has been in touch via comments/phone/email etc to help support me through my breakup with the ex Mrs A and also ( on a cheerier note) to welcome Klopzi back onto the blogging scene and poker after a break.Good to see you back Sir!

I'm off to pull a big palm tree out the ground...



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