Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad Beat Sunday

With only 18 runners in the Bloggerment last night I'm left wondering if perhaps it's run it's course.There were only 22 players last week compared to a record high of 39 only a few short weeks ago.Perhaps the entry fee should be raised for the first game of every month to liven it up a little? No plans to change anything just now, but I hope to see more of the previous regulars back again soon!

Bloggerment 24 is now open for registration.Early registration appreciated.Tourney id at Pokerstars is 59478864 and it's on Sunday Sept 2nd at 4pm est/9pm UK time under the Private tourney tab.Password is donkament and it's only $5.50 to enter...

Congrats to Matty H for winning it and thanks to my US blogger buddy Gcox25 for making his debut in the game.It seems a long time since the days of the original DADI ( Donkeys always draw invitational) and the USA v ROW games we used to play and which Gcox25 helped organise.

I came 8th after first losing a race with AK V JJ and then seeing my 77 fall to Sookraboabys AQ.I also finished 8th in a $16 ,18 player turbo I played last night before deciding to move to Inter and play some cash poker.

I know we all suffer 'em and there's nothing more boring than hearing about 'em, but this one stung and I need to get it off my chest.To avoid a bad beat tale please stop reading now and move over to one of the fine links on the right.If not then here's the tale of woe and here's the hand.

Still here? Ok, I'd played an orbit or two at a £50nl full ring table and was in the cut-off when I picked up 22.It was raised to £3.50 by someone in early position and called by a mid-position player.Both players had decent sized stacks which meant getting paid if I did hit my set.

The flop came 2s 6d 3d and the orignal raiser bet £8 into the £11 pot.It was called by a mid position player before the action was on me.I decided to reraise to £16 and hopefully make it look as if I was trying to build a pot with a flush draw or that I was testing to see if the original raiser had AK/AQ and had missed the flop.

He pushed for the rest of his £117 stack, mid-position folded and I called.He flipped KK and hit his King on the river.

Ahh that's better!

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At Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Blogger Swifty said...

Just a wee thought on the point you make in connection with Bloggerement entries.

I was talking with another player last night and we agreed that perhaps there was too much of a good thing.

This weekend there's been the league, Bloggerment and now the POWS. Friday, Sunday and Monday's games were exactly the same - NLHE, $5 buy in with 15 minutes blinds.

This isn't a criticism or anything, because as I mention in my latest blog entry you guys are doing wonders. I just wonder whether the league, or bloggerement, couldn't have had shorter levels. 5 minutes is perhaps too short unless you're a turbo junkie, but 10 minutes might be an idea.

I have a limited bankroll, and it all has to be balanced, from my perspective at least. I'm playing far better players in these games than in my regular games and therefore it's more of a social thing for me becuase my chances of winning (and the stingy payout structure which only pays 3 out anywhere up to 26, a Stars thing I know) are reduced.

Additionally not everyone can be around on a Friday and a Sunday.

Is it being spread too thinly?

Just some random thoughts, anyway :)

At Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Blogger Swifty said...

PS - Baaaaad beat :(

At Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Blogger Rosie said...

Bad bad beat - I agree. I guess you want him to push at you with his Kings, but its still galling when they hit . Bleh.

I will think its is a shame if the bloggerment stops (she says, having not entered for the past three weeks - but you know why). Whats good about it is that you don't have to belong to some league, or some forum to play it - you just have to read some blog to know that its on a sunday at 9pm. I would like to think it would be there if I wanted to play in it again. Maybe its that I'm female, a minority and all of that (and probably in a minority with this view too) - but casual players - why should they care about rankings, league position etc. Do I care whether Scotland or England have the most points? Hell, no, I'm Irish and I don't even care how many points Irish players have. I'm not trying to tell you and Mik what to do with your bloggerment - I don't even know - but i do remember a time when 18 and 23 were respectable enough figures to justify a game on a sunday night - hell I can even remember when we hoped we'd get enough players for more than one table.

Anyway, I'm not sure that helped -
carry on.


At Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Blogger Nick said...

Don't change it Zagga.
It's the best tournament of the week.
The numbers thing is a short term blip, I'm sure of it - it is summer holiday time after all.
And Rosie is right - it's completely independent, anyone can play in it - and nobody takes it ultra seriously.
I honestly think if you keep it going in it's current format, you'll have 100 plus runners this time next year.
There could be an argument for bringing the start time forward half an hour (he says after wanting to keep the 9pm start originally) - as the numbers grow the finish is getting later and later, which might be a problem for people who are up early monday morning.

At Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Blogger TanOrpheus said...

IMO... The bloggerment isn't a bloggerment anymore since it got pimped on RTR, it was more enjoyable when I played against ten people I "knew", liked and had blog-relations with rather than trying to navigate 20 idiots I could meet in any $4 tourney so that I could then get in a hand against someone I respected. Doesn't feel like it's a part of something that's "ours" anymore for me.
(Disclaimer : as someone who hasn't blogged or played for 3 weeks I have no right to make the above comments !)

Will make efforts to be involved next week tho.

At Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Blogger katitude said...

Hey Acorn dood, here's my 2 cents - I will definitely be playing the Brit bloggerment games, now that the summer is over, school is starting and I'm back on something of a schedule.

Definitely a bead beat. Now you owe us all a dollar *grin.

At Tuesday, 28 August, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks to all for the comments. That was just the kind of feedback I was after.

Cell, unfortunately at Stars there's no option to change the blind speed when setting up private tourneys.I think you may have a point re too many games going on.

We could have postponed it while the RTR games were going on but I reckon Rosies point about anyone playing it anytime without needing to be a forum member/part of leagues etc,means it was worth continuing.( so lets see you back Rosie!!)

Perhaps that's why the numbers dropped a little.I know 18 players would have been welcomed at one point so maybe I'm being a little greedy wanting at least 39 ( the record turnout) every week.

Tan you were one of the main missing regulars I was thinking of when I posted.I do take your point and perhaps it could be worth running a wee bloggeronlyment on another day.

I would like to see the bloggerment grow and I'm also well aware that you can't please all the people all the time which is why it will probably remain as it is for now.Mr Clouds idea about moving the start time may be worth looking at especially if the numbers do climb again.

Overall I reckon it doesn't need changed although an 8.30 start time for the reasons Mr Cloud gave may be worth looking at.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday Kat! ( and ready to donate that dollar!)


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