Sunday, September 09, 2007

Final Countdown

Just a quick post today as I'm up to my eyes in it trying to organise my move back home.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Scotlands win yesterday and although I still think it's a tough task to qualify for Euro 2008,we've still got a chance.It's the big one v France on Wednesday in Paris.I can't see us taking anything from it, as they'll be out for revenge after we beat them last time out at Hampden, but you never know in football.

On the poker front I lost yet another race to go out the RTR league game before the final table.That run continued into the $16 turbos where I couldn't win a race either,no hand held up and when I did have a monster there was a bigger monster out there!

I stuck to my game and eventually managed a 4th place ( top 4 pay at 18 player turbos) and a win which helped a little.

At the cash tables I blew the last remaining cash at Interpoker ( £15) after pushing all in with AK preflop ( something I rarely do at a cash table) ,getting called by A3 and losing when the 3 hit.With calls like that I may need to reload there sometime as the play was very soft indeed.

I played some $300nl 6 max on my 365 account and lost $80 which I wasn't too bothered about as $80 wasn't even the size of the average pot at my table! ( $106 ave). I'm still trying to adjust my mindset because at $50 nl an $80 loss would be almost two buy-ins and would be a bad night, whereas it only takes a few raises/missed flops etc to do in $80 at the higher level.

Righty that's all for today.Don't be forgetful like this chap! Register for the Bloggerment right now!

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At Monday, 10 September, 2007, Blogger dD said...

good luck with the move ... whens the hoose warming ??

wen yer settled, gies a shout fer some live poker ...... we both need a "pleasant" nite oot *)



At Monday, 10 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Just about to spend a fortune decorating so prob nae hoose warming!

Good shout on the live poker front.Def up for that in a few weeks mate.


At Monday, 10 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, good luck with the moving and when you finally get yerself back online I hope your poker luck changes!



At Tuesday, 11 September, 2007, Blogger Swifty said...

Just about to spend a fortune decorating so prob nae hoose warming!

You saying dD's messy?

At Tuesday, 11 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers BM.Hoping to have my cable connected by the time I move on Sunday but we'll see!

Lol Cell.Not dD in particular but any Glesga hoose warming tends not to be the tamest of occasions!


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