Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nice shot

I did so much rushing about last night I missed the start of the Raisetheriver league game.When I did get there I was fairly card dead until I got it in with 77 and lost a big pot to QJ.I was left with 115 chips and managed to come back and scrape a 3rd place in the money finish after running 22 into QQ to go out.

After that I played a $16 turbo and my recent crappy Stars tourney run continued when I limped with KJ on the first hand and reraised a small bet on a ragged King high flop.KJ is not a great hand but I didn't think I was outkickered because the villain didn't raise preflop.He called my reraise and when I pushed after a 10 fell on the turn ,he gleefully called with his K10.K10 was one of the hands I put him on so perhaps it was poor judgement on my part...

I then dropped $20 at Pokerroom and $30 at Laddies before deciding to use my Bet365 take a shot roll at a $200nl 6 max table.

I can't find where to download the hand histories at 365 and I've not set Pokertracker up yet for that site, but the bottom line is that my $200 buy-in was sitting at around $180 when I picked up QQ.All my money went in against a player I'd just watched get lucky and river a flush v a set a moment earlier.It held up and on the very next hand I raised 910d from the button and was lucky enough to flop the straight.The same villain ( tilting possibly) gave me the rest of his stack ( his hand was mucked ,I wish I knew what he had!) and in two hands I'd gone from $200 to $485 and was starting to wonder why I don't play higher more often!

Just finished watching Rangers play poorly and lose 4-2 to Hearts this afternoon.Must do better!

The wallpapering and painting is nearly done at my flat and I'm just about ready for tomorrows big move.I've checked and my cable connection is working so I will be playing in this weeks Bloggerment.

The hall and kitchen lino arrives on Monday with the living room and bedroom carpets to follow within the next week or so.I'm also about to order new blinds for every room and they should be installed by next weekend.The flat is a bit bare ( no sofa in until carpets arrive) but I think I'm actually looking forward to getting back there now and making a fresh start...

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At Saturday, 15 September, 2007, Anonymous Rob said...

Nice blog u got there mate, i enjoy reading it when i have time, also nice to see you scottish turn over the poncy frogs, keep up the good work

At Monday, 17 September, 2007, Blogger Klopzi said...

You made more on two hands of poker than I've made since coming back to online poker in July.

I'm jealous...

At Monday, 17 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Rob and yes it was great to beat the French...again! If you'd like to swap,I've added your link to my sidebar.

I'll probably lose more too though Klopzi! So long as it all evens out at a few bb/100 though eh!

At Monday, 17 September, 2007, Blogger Rob said...

added u to my fabourite bloggers mate


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