Monday, September 24, 2007

Banner Bungled

Congrats to Weegem for taking down the Bloggerment last night.I finished in 12th when my A10 failed to improve against Mr Clouds 88.I was also playing in Stars $100k mtt and I managed to nearly break into the top 1000 ( 18000 starters) for a $36 payout.( all profit after winning a frequent player point sat).

Not much to report from Saturday nights play.I suffered a couple of really nasty bad beats in tourneys and won about $50 at Laddies cash tables.

Last night after the Bloggerment and $100k were out the way, I decided on some $22 turbos at Full Tilt.Once again I seemed to sink into cold decked, bad beat hell and bubbled several times,lost to more two outers,ran KK into AA and generally grew more and more pissed off.The only bright side was that the $22 turbos seemed to be over flowing with fishy losers and it seemed to be bad luck rather than bad play which was letting me down.

I managed to rescue things a little with a win and a 3rd place but still lost about $140 overall.( two tabling most of the time) I'm still planning on withdrawing $1400 from my poker roll at Full Tilt to go towards flat decorating costs.Looks like I'd better be quick before I blow it all!

The good news is that I took a wee break and moved to Party where I two tabled, playing one 6 max and one full ring table at $100nl.Poker can be a funny game.I made $43 profit over the last two weeks and made $220 at Party in less than an hour last night.I don't think I played particularly well.It was just a case of hitting a few flops and having my big hands hold up.

I did wonder why I'd only made $43 over the last two weeks and I reckon I can pinpoint a few factors.Running badly,not playing my best game due to tiredness, having a lot on my mind and the main reason, which is that I think I've been trying too hard to make money.The last reason may sound daft, afterall money making is the name of the game in poker, but when I stayed with the ex my poker profits were a nice wee bonus, whereas now things are a bit tighter I'd quite like to be able to get to a stage where I can withdraw monthly to help pay for a few wee extras.That wee bit of added pressure hasn't helped my game.I play best when I'm just playing my game and not checking the cashier every 5 minutes trying to work out where the last pot I won/lost had affected my roll.

Ok,that's more than enough rambling for today.Just time to say that I really enjoyed Rangers fine victory over Aberdeen yesterday and after Ce*tic lost 3-2 to Hibs ,we are back at the top of the league!

The real highlight of the weekend though was a banner the Celtic fans displayed against Hibs.They've bought a few players from Hibs over the years and tried to take the piss by calling Hibs their "feeder club".Unfortunately for them and to the great amusement of every other football fan in Scotland ,they can't even spell the name of their own team correctly! I didn't think anything could top their laughable bin bag displays but I think they've found a way....



At Tuesday, 25 September, 2007, Anonymous SanJose Salmon said...

awreet Zaggamon!! Managed to give the missus the slip on the first Saturday night I'm back (think it's 5th Oct or 6th). Well up for a wee home game if anyone can make it (we could ask stan and mair over and they could go watch a real fitty team on Sat fur a change ;)

Anywayz see if anyone is up for it, if not then the gruesome threesome fae glezgae could go for a wee game. (Also got a mate fae edinburgh who will be up for a game and he's a huge fish with a big salary (I beat him a few times so he must be a fish)... Anywayz must be worth Juice and Rosie making the trip as taking money off me is easier than candy off a baby!!!! Looking forward to coming back. Leyt me know if I should ask ma mate over fae Edinburgh for a home game as he'll be uop for it (and loadza bevvy and a wee shmake)... Canny wait for this wan!!!!! House warming all over again - it's always better a second time!!! Cheers the Trout

At Tuesday, 25 September, 2007, Blogger MAIR said...

Howdee Acorn, I know Stan would be well up for this, I dont mind watching the kids (sigh lol). Will keep an eye out for more info if you wanna get something organised.


At Tuesday, 25 September, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I'm a terrible organiser but I've mentioned in todays post and will see if there's any interest!

Sat 6th October...!


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