Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Losers

When I began playing poker online for real money nearly 3 years ago after becoming a play money zillionaire,I had no grand plans or ideas above my station.I worried about becoming an addicted losing gambler and gave myself a £50 per month budget for my hobby.I actually only started playing for real money because Pokerroom withdrew their play money tables and ran a "real money isn't scary" type Halloween promo back in '05.

I've always been aware that the vast majority of players lose money online and although I've been stunned by the extent of those losses at times, ( usually when checking Sharkscope for info on tourney opponents) I've never given it too much thought.I always assumed that these guys/gals were probably earning a lot more than me in their daytime jobs and could afford large losses at poker.

Last night though I read a few poker blogs ( no names and they are not linked by me) where the blogger is posting about losing at poker, constantly feeding more money in and losing that too.Poker was a priority over food and the basics of life for this blogger and it did make for a very sad read.

Maybe the guy who shoved his KJ v my Aces the other night preflop ( I was genuinely surprised as I expected him to flip QQ/KK)is one of those players chasing the thrill of winning that big pot.Perhaps he gets his money in as huge underdog to punish himself in some psychological self-loathing way.

I've played plenty of turbos won by very poor players who don't know where the fold button is and are involved in every hand.Sure,I shake my head as they suck out time after time and run up huge stacks and maybe that's the rush they play for.The stats don't lie and though every dog ( or fish) has his day ,on most days these guys lose and lose again.

I've never been one to get angry with guys like Mr KJ.( even after he busted my rockets!) It's my own bad luck that I curse and I always remember I want to have players with weak hands calling my big bets when my holding is strong.Maybe now though I can understand better why they would make such a play.

On another point this blogger also mentioned how boring the blogs of small-time winners can be and to some extent I agree. I sometimes look at my blog and reckon my daily posts detailing every small profit/loss would induce sleep in even the worst insomniac.I named the blog "poker and life" to give myself the chance to bore people to death with life stories too and to avoid repetitive hand histories and bad beat tales becoming all I post.

No bad beats last night though!I entered a $12 slow speed 6 max sng on Stars by mistake and donked out of it before managing 4th ( for $27) in a $16 turbo.

Nacho was staying last night and I was really looking forward to runninng Step A to school this morning until CW texted me to say the wee one was at her Grans and didn't need a lift when I dropped Nacho off.I really miss having her around and I'm looking forward to going over to CW's ( the ex) and looking after her tomorrow night while CW is working.

I've not missed CW as much as I expected since I've moved out, which is a good thing, but it does worry me that I don't seem to know my own mind very well at times.I did tell my sister I was unhappy back in Feb and maybe I'm just such a creature of habit and routine that I just accepted the situation I was in.

Righty I'm watching the Lyon v Rangers Champions league game tonight followed by some pokery fun.We're in the toughest group and I'd be delighted with a draw against the six in a row French Champions.

Back later in the week.Until then here's the fantastic Amy Macdonald.....

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At Wednesday, 03 October, 2007, Blogger The Cloud said...

Played that song Zag, then played it again, then listened to the album, then listened to it again. Fantastic!!
You sure she's Scottish?? ;o)

At Thursday, 04 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

That was the effect her voice and lyrics had on me too! Only downloaded it the other day and it's superb!

So good in fact she could only be Scottish!

At Thursday, 04 October, 2007, Blogger The Cloud said...

Yeah, not a bad song on the album.

I keep singing "Let's start a Band"...

She seems to have the ability to sound Scottish, but also a bit French at times...which is weird..but good.


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