Friday, October 05, 2007


I didn't play much poker on Tuesday after the game and none at all on Wed night when I was up at the ex's looking after Step A.It was great to see her, although I must remember her hair is "crimped" and not curled.( apparently!)

I usually ask her what subjects she is doing at school that day and when she said she had PE ( physical education) first thing on Thursday morning I said "well that'll wake you up" to which she replied "you always say that".I do?!!

I probably repeat myself just as often in this blog and I'm surprised I don't get more "you always say that" type comments!

Last night after giving Nacho a good run out at the local football pitches I eventually hit the tables,running KK into AA in my first $16 turbo and crashing out of the second.I fired up a third one and was doing fine until I ran 88 into QQ.The flop was all clubs and also brought me my 8!

Although I was happy with my set ,the villain held the Queen of clubs and after the turn brought a blank ,the river delivered.....another blank and I actually felt stunned that for once I had sucked out and inflicted a beat on someone!

Of course normal service resumed when I went out fourth ( in the money at least as it was an 18 player)after having my KK busted by AK when an Ace flopped.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend.I have Nacho again tonight and after a dinner and a long walk it's the raisetheriver league game.

Tomorrow I'm off to Ibrox to watch the Gers play Hibs and around 7 ish The Big Chap,Dudley and Hammerheid are meeting at my place.My cousin will be driving us down to the S-mans place where we'll meet up with the San Jose Salmon,have a few drinks n smokes and play some poker.

Ok, before I go I posted an youtube clip of the amazing Amy Macdonald the other day and Mr Cloud and I agreed on what a great album she has out.I didn't realise though, until last night, that at the end of the last track ( if you leave it running), she does a cover version of Frankie Millers "Caledonia", which is one of my favourite songs.In fact it's the only song I've ever attempted to sing Karaoke style.( and even that was thousands of miles away in Gran Canaria!)

Here's Frankies original version..

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