Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sat update

Missed out on the Raisetheriver league title by 5 points in the end after coming 4th last night when I shoved 22 into AA.Perhaps with a smaller raise I could have laid it down if my opponent ( solid tight player) had come over the top ,but that's poker and congrats to Ricky Rosa for taking the honours over the 10 week series.
The game and the chat were both excellent as usual last night!Looking forward to more of the same at the Blogggerment on Sunday.

I bubbled a couple of turbo $16 and $6 games before scraping 3rd in one and hitting up the cash tables.After a load more smokes I decided on "Mendacity" as my new smart arse name at Bet 365.There used to be a Scottish radio pundit whose favourite phrase when hosting football phone-ins was "are you accusing me of mendacity?" (the late James Sanderson)and as it means "A lie,a falsehood" ,I thought I'd go with it."Crazy Diamond" and "Freewheelin" ( Franklin!) were taken....

The software has totally changed at 365 and for 10 mins I was very close to cashing out all my money there due to the very low average pots at all the cash tables.....until I realised I was looking at fixed limit games and the No Limit games were as juicy as ever.Their new buddy system ( no need to have the fish accept an invite) is superb and the gamepla is quite quick too.You can even have a voice telling you "check,fold,raise" etc as the players make their moves.A bit annoying but good for those late night herbal sessions when my eyes are half shut!

I won almost a buy-in and was feeling good when I lost it to a real clown who called me down with 23 on a J 3 7 board ( I had KJ) and hit his 2 on the river.Luckily he checked and I checked behind.It nearly tilted one of the other players who berated the fish for ages which I found highly amusing.

I left that $100 nl table and played a $200nl full ring table for a bit and left even after 1/2 hr play with no major hands to talk about.I also logged onto Full Tilt about 30 seconds too late to play Kats Friday night rebuy donkament.Why don't Full Tilt allow late registration?

Today I've just had my rolls n square sausage and I'm about to take Nacho for a walk before settling down to watch the Scotland v Ukraine game.They are a decent side and I reckon we're in for a very tough game.My only real hope is that Ukraine are almost out of the running to qualify and may not be totally focussed.We'll see!

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At Saturday, 13 October, 2007, Blogger smoothplease said...

hello mate,linked you up. great result for you against Ukraine! As a Chelsea fan it was ironic to see Shevchenko score!! hope you get your point against Italy and qualify. Good luck at the tables.

At Sunday, 14 October, 2007, Blogger Amatay said...

ul m8, still another wicked perforamnce mind. You playing any higher yet fish?? Well done to the sweaties aswell mate, great result beating Ukraine

At Sunday, 14 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers lads.I just hope we can get over the finish line and qualify.

Taking shots higher Amatay!


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