Friday, October 12, 2007

Power cut

No poker on Wednesday night and last nights play began with a couple of nasty exits from 'Stars $16 games.The good beat yesterday was that at about 1pm a power cut at work meant we all went home! ( though typically they are trying to shaft us over our flexi-time for leaving early).

I went to Comet first and had a look at new laptops.Even after more screen freezing at Ladbrokes last night, I'm still a bit reluctant to splash out for a new one in case it's my cable connection.I did try and run Pokertracker though and it gave me the "programme not responding" message as usual.At least a new Lappy should sort that out.

After my sng exits I fired up a Laddies $50nl 6 max table and after winning a big pot with a marginal call,I ended up playing 3 handed for a while until one villain left and I cleaned out the shortstack.The marginal call saw me face an all in after the turn card with a flush draw,open ended straight draw and 2 overcards.I suspected my overcards may not be live ( villain had flopped 2 pair) and I was probably lucky to river my flush and take the pot.

Picking up my lad ( Nacho) after work again today and will be taking him for a run ( well he runs,I stroll!) before dinner and the final Raisetheriver league game.I'm not sure how the points are allocated but I'm fairly sure it's going to take Ricky Rosa exiting early and a win for me to wrestle back 1st position and the league title.Highly unlikely but not impossible.

Ok,that's all for now.Don't forget to register for Sundays Bloggerment at Stars.4pm est/9pm bst. Pass:donkament

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