Monday, October 15, 2007

Smashing night

Woke up this morning to find someone has thrown something at my living room window and shattered the outside pane of the double glazing.I heard a noise about 2am, but my hall lightbulb had fallen out the previous night and in my half asleep state I assumed it was that again.When my tennant was in my flat I had to pay for new glass in 2005 and I have a feeling he had problems with the local neds/chavs.So much for the area being quieter than I remember!

It's not the end of the world though.My buildings insurance means it's going to cost me £50.What really makes me mad is that although he wasn't there last night,Nacho sleeps below that window ( I actually suspect he moves to the couch when I go to bed!) and it could have scared or even injured him.

I didn't want to post negative stuff today because with the Bloggerment and the Pokerstars Wccop raging last night ,the tables were buzzing.

Big thanks to Wolverine, GCox and Al Can't Hang for the Bloggerment pimpage.Obviously it helped that it started only 1 hour after the main Stars event.( and to think we nearly cancelled it this week) It was great to see 38 players turn out for the Bloggerment and even better to see so many US/Canadian playing.Every table seemed to have a good mix of nations and characters.The chat/trash talk seemed to flow easily enough too, as did the aggressive moves!

The good news for the UK/Europe is that after 30 Bloggerment games,the title stayed on these shores after Burnley Mik won heads up in the end against Bin-golfing.Congrats to BM and well done to all who took part for helping make it one of the best attended Bloggerments to date.

My own Bloggerment story came down to two main hands.I raised Rosie with A9 from the small blind,had to fold to her reraise on a Jack high ragged flop and then ran 99 into JJ.Game over in 20th position!

In the WCCOP Stars game I managed to build my stack to 32k before losing most of it when I semi-bluffed 77 and ran into K9 on a nine high flop.I hung around like a bad smell before finally going out in 337th place.

Burnley Mik was tearing up the tables and I railed him until he went out around 60th in the Wccop.I was also playing a $100 nl full ring table and left $20.No major hands to report but the cardrunners vids I have watched so far did give me the confidence to raise my aggression prefop, which seemed to work.

Ok,that's it for now.Thanks for reading...

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At Monday, 15 October, 2007, Blogger pokertaswegian said...

thank for the link and comment mate. I have linked you up

At Tuesday, 16 October, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Pretty harsh about the window Acorn. Hope it gets sorted.

Btw, i thing rosie had a good point about you being a professional railer! You are great at it! Maybe theres a market for it? Like a poker corner man or something!!!!

Thanks for the shout-out mate. appreciated.

At Tuesday, 16 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Tas.

At least my Buildings insurance covers most of the cost BM.

With the way I've played in the last few Blogger games I'll maybe need to consider pro-railing!
Glad it helped though mate.


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