Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tues Update

After chatting to my neighbours, it seems the tennant who stayed here had big problems with the local "Young team" and I'm 100% sure the broken window wasn't aimed at me.Hopefully word will now get out that he's gone and I'll be left in peace.

Someone asked in the comments for feedback on Cardrunners and having watched another video last night I am even more pleased than ever with my investment.I am currently reading Harrington on Holdem and although the worked examples and the thought processess described to reach decisions are excellent,I don't feel it's much of a match for watching a pro talk me through countless decisions over an online poker session.

I played two Bet 365 $50 nl, 6 max tables after the vid and the main improvement I've already made to my game was to ramp up my preflop aggression.I've always believed in "lethal limping" at $25nl and $50nl with marginal hands( hit big v monsters and get paid off) and overbetting hands like premium pairs.The bottom line is that I make my money by simply playing a tighter game than my opponents and therefore when I do enter a pot it's usually with the best hand.

At $100 nl and above ( esp if I want to play $200nl upwards) I need to improve my game massively to continue to make a decent profit.To be fair I've always used table selection ( picking wild loose high ave pot tables) and my uber tight/aggressive style seems to work there, but I want to be able to mix it up at any table I sit at.

The only problem I have with cash tables just now is that my laptop is too slow/overloaded to allow me to run Pokertracker when playing.Last night there was a raise and reraise before the action was on me holding the Nolan sisters.( QQ) I flat-called and folded to an all in from the reraiser on a 10 high ragged flop.I just felt he had KK/AA as I was fairly sure he'd been playing quite a tight preflop game.Pokertracker and GT+ would have confirmed this for me and made my decision easier.

Ok,back soon ....

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At Wednesday, 17 October, 2007, Anonymous Peter said...

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At Wednesday, 17 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

That would be a great idea if I hadn't already signed up Peter :-)


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