Sunday, October 21, 2007

Torn + PT screenshots

I'm torn between buying my Mum a pxf or cardrunners sub for her birthday.Pxf seems more suited to MTT players and my Mum is an avid sng and micro-limit cash player.I've also been very impressed with my own cardrunners sub and I watched another training vid last night to get me in the poker mood.BM's advice has been very useful and I'd appreciate the thoughts of any other pxf/cardrunners subscribers.

Before hitting the tables last night I watched a rerun of yesterdays Old Firm game.The celtc fans are using the old "it was the ref's fault" excuse despite the fact he failed to give Rangers a stonewall penalty and wrongly ruled our 4th goal to be offside.Some things never change!

I ventured back to $16 ,18 player turbo land last night and two tabled as I'm never going to make any decent profit playing just the one game at a time.My AK fell to AA before I had AQ scudded by A8 sooooted and then ran J10s into AA ( who made quads just to rub it in) to leave me 0/3.Thankfully I felt I played quite well in my last $16 game and I took it down after accumualting a huge stack by the final table.

I downloaded DTD poker in order to play tonights big Raisetheriver game and managed to donk out of a $20 mtt at the halfway stage.( I only put £40 in and wont be including it as part of my roll as I'll only really be playing RTR events there)

A juicy 8 seat $100 NL ,Bet 365 table was next up and I limped in with Aces from the small blind against a very Loose Aggressive player who was raising most hands by $7 preflop.He checked his option and I made a weak lead bet into him on a Jack high flop ( I bet $2 trying to look weak and hoping to induce a bluff) and he flat called.
An Ace fell on the turn giving me a set and once again I led out for a weak $3 and once again he flat called.The river was a Ten and this time I made an almost pot sized bet of $12 and he shoved quite quickly.The only hand that beat me was KQ and though it fitted with how he had played the hand I decided I'd pay him off if he had it and called his large bet.He showed A10 ( nice turn and river!)and the pot was mine!

I took a break and when I came back I gave back most of those winnings ( at 365) by overplaying a little preflop at $50 nl tabs.I was attempting a few preflop resteals which is not always a good idea at $50nl as many villains who raise preflop are too attached to their hands to fold.I'm also used to having a TAG image at cash tables and need to learn how to adjust better to other players adapting to me when I loosen up a bit.( esp preflop) Adjust before they do is the answer I think.

Ok,thanks for reading and don't forget to register for tonights Bloggerment.( and DTD game if your an RTR member)

The screenshots below are because I'm deleting loads of hand histories etc to try and speed up my Pokertracker and laptop and are really only of interest to me.Please feel free to move on to the fine links on the right!

Pokerroom 2005

Ladbrokes 2007

Party 2007

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At Monday, 22 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Acorn,

Great win for the Gers on Saturday. Was interesting to see some of your pokertracker stats. I see you play at about 30/7 and class yourself as TAG. I would class this as fairly loose passive. I tend to play at around 19/16 similar to the Brystmar videos on Cardrunners. I guess I tend to be the sort of player who pays off someone with your stats when you flop a monster as I play agggressive when in a pot. Are you trying to adjust to more preflop raising after watching some of the cardrunner vids?


At Monday, 22 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for the comment Doomswitch.Great result indeed at the weekend!!

I always select very loose tables with high average pots and my stats usually make me the tightest at these tables.( though loose-ish compared to an ave table)

At my stakes 7% pf raising isn't high but I usually still get action.I'm also quite aggressive postflop when in a hand and will also trap a lot of LAG/Maniac type players who can't lay a hand down and will keep firing on every street.

I am raising more preflop at $100nl and when I try $200nl thanks to the cardrunner site because I know my game is too passive preflop to win if I go very much higher.

I also know I could run over a passive table at $50nl if I wanted to but I find playing a rope-a-dope style at the crazy tables to be far more profitable.


At Monday, 22 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Added a screenshot of my overall stats.All comment welcome!


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