Saturday, October 27, 2007


I didn't play much poker on Thursday night.4th place ( paid $27) in a $16 turbo was my only game.In truth I was feeling a bit stir crazy and not really on top form, despite having Nacho around for company.Sometimes I think the hardest part of dealing with a breakup is not in the immediate aftermath, but comes at that point a while later where normal life just doesn't seem normal anymore.( if that makes any sense!)

I did keep myself very busy doing up my flat before I moved in and I have settled into a routine here, which is good, although I can't really seem to begin to get my head around thinking about another relationship yet.Perhaps much of the passion had left my relationship with the ex but we were very comfortable in each others company and usually ( until the last few months) had a good laugh at life.Being a lazy bassa I just don't have the motivation to think about getting to that stage with anyone new.I suppose more primitive urges ( and not just the one for a proper cooked meal!) will kick in and I'll eventually feel like making the effort to meet someone new.It just seems a very daunting thought just now.

To the poker and after Mark at Planet Gongs recommendation ,I emailed sngicons to ask if they have any gift certificate options as I think their site will be the best option for my Mum's birthday.Not heard back yet.I've resent the email and I'll give them a couple of days or so but if I don't hear I'll be sticking to either a cardrunners or pxf subsription for her.I'm really enjoying cardrunners ( training site) but it seems daft to have two subscriptions, when I can let my Mum view some of my downloaded videos with me on my laptop when I visit.

Last night I played the wee Raisetheriver game ( and it was a wee game,we had 4 entrants!) and came 3rd after running A10 into AQ.Good fun though and well done to Mair for winning it.

I decided I need to stop being such a wimp about running into bad beats/better hands in turbo sngs and have a little more faith in myself and my game.According to startracker database I make the money in 18 player turbo's 25% of the time so I fired up four turbo's ( 18 player,$16 on Stars),tiled 'em and told myself to aim to make the money in at least one.I multi-tabled better than I have done previously and managed a 1st,2nd and two crashouts.I didn't find it too hard to keep up with the action and just played until all four games were done ,rather than keep opening new games.

Next I fired up Bet365 and took a shot at a very loose $200nl table,only to run into two nasty coolers.This prompted a semi-tilty bluff with nothing which cost me more $$ and I decided to take a break and chill out.( lost $120 in total)

I played in Kats Friday night donkament on Full Tilt next and enjoyed donking it up before eventually going out when I pushed an open ended straight draw into top pair,top kicker.When I made my initial bet and was reraised, I didn't really think the villain was bluffing but it was a donkament and after 3am, so I gambled on hitting my hand.

Ladbrokes was next up and another $200nl 6 max table was my destination.This one had an average pot of $100.At one point I was up $165 but I left for bed at 4am happy to take a $100 profit.

I hop around so many poker sites I never really earn many player points at any of them.I don't have any rakeback deals and don't bonus chase at all.I may be missing out but I balance this up by always being free to choose whichever site has the juciest table for selection.I did get an invite though to a Party Poker $5k VIP freeroll and will be playing that to start with at 6pm tonight.

I'm just back after picking Nacho up ( I have him until Mon)and taking him for a long run about at the local pitches in the pissing rain.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don't forget to register for the Bloggerment.....

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At Saturday, 27 October, 2007, Blogger Unknown said...

hi acorn,
you really need to bonus whore or have some rakeback options, it all helps to reduce the loss to variance etc, theres some amazing deals out at the minute espcially on the ongame network, some you dont even need a re deposit to set them up some are free loaders, also ive earnt loads of dollars, ipods, merchandise by having such deals

At Sunday, 28 October, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

If I didn't site hop as much you'd probably be right Rob.Most rakeback deals seem to have quite steep player point requirements though.

Maybe one day I'll get my act together and sort some proper bonuses etc out.


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