Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Annual bankroll stats + new laptop

There's not much too blog about after I made a total of $6 profit last night.I crashed out of a $16 turbo early on when I raised 4bb to 400 chips with KK and was called by the mighty 89c who flopped his flush.I had the King of clubs but there was no last club on the river to save me.I wish there had been a club in my hand and the villain around to feel the force of it but sadly I just had to shake my head instead!

I took a break and watched an excellent BBC4 documentary on Barcelona FC which followed the club in 2003/4 when their new president took over.

My laptop was playing up again and I had to abandon a couple of games before taking a quick shot at a $200 nl table on 365.I wasn't paying much attention and was ready to log off and go to bed when I picked up QQ.It was late and I forgot it was a $200nl table and only raised $5 from UTG.( 1st to act).Even when the flop came 557 with two diamonds and with only one caller I led out for a weak $8,giving the villain good odds to hang around.After a blank turn I finally made a decent pot sized bet and took it down.

Just back from Comet where I bought a shiney new laptop! It's a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo LI1818 2G and set me back £459. ( + £30 for Norton)The spec is : Intel dual core,1.74ghz,160gb hard drive,2048mb ram and a 17" screen.

The other good news is that my cashout cheque from Full Tilt has finally arrived so I can get it deposited ( assuming my bank accept cheques in US dollars!)and pay off a huge chunk of my flat decorating costs.

Stats time as today marks the end of my 3rd year of real money poker online.Here are my end of year standings..

Ladbrokes $2254,Pokerstars $839, Full Tilt $167,Party Poker $1622,Pokerroom $436,Bet365 $660.Total $5978.

Previous total on Oct 14th was $4891.New total of $5978 includes my Bet365 roll ( $50 deposit already withdrawn)for the first time.Profit since 14th Oct including Bet365 is $1087.Total profit since Oct 1st is $1157.Previous ytd profit on Oct 1st was $3566.

Final profit total for all poker played Oct31'06 - Oct31'07 is $4723.

Oct 04-Oct 05 profit $4239 Oct 05 - Oct 06 $4101

Total profit since starting to play for real money online on Oct 31st '04 is $13063.

As of today I'm withdrawing $1k from my poker bankroll to cover the cost of my new laptop.$400 from Pokerroom and $600 from Laddies.I was going to cashout my Bet365 account but it's just too fishy there!

New bankroll figures after withdrawl are Pokerroom $36,Ladbrokes $1653,Pokerstars $839,Party $1622,Bet365 $660 .Total $4810.

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At Wednesday, 31 October, 2007, Blogger MAIR said...

Lovely profit hun gr8 job :)

Woo hoo someone's got a shiny new laptop, looks a beauty.

Just a wee tip re vista, run your poker progs in Administrator mode by right clicking the icon on your desktop, properties, compatability tab and check run in administrator mode at bottom. Might have to do that with some setup.exe for them also :) Saves a lot o problems

Nice 1!


At Thursday, 01 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take Mairs point about Vista on-board mate!!

Very nice stats for the year Acorn. well done mate!

This time in 2367AD you will be avble to live of your winnings!! ;o)

seriously though very well done.

At Thursday, 01 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some solid figures there Mr Acorn.
Nice work!

Now you've just got to learn how to win tournaments ;o)
(and when you do, can you teach me??)


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