Monday, November 12, 2007

I wanna be a Nacho Man!

I phoned the ex yesterday afternoon to arrange to have Nacho tonight and she said no as she still wants him around after the recent arson attack.At one point she even told me to "get another dog" and hung up.Well there's only one Nacho and he's my boy too, so I jumped in the car and drove over to her place.I managed to keep my sensible head on and we had a good chat.

I can totally understand why she would feel safer with him around after what has happened ,but although I reckon I'm coping ok with our breakup ,having Nacho around a few nights per week certainly helps keep me sane.The good news is that she called me this morning to say thanks for the cd's I'd burned for her, and to say that I could have him to stay tonight, and also take Step A to school when I drop him off tomorrow morning.

On the poker front I came 6th in the Bloggerment when I ran into Aces ( for the zillionth time in that tourney!).Congrats to Mr Cloud for casting off the bridesmaids dress and taking the whole show down, especially as I was taking the piss about the non-existent one outers he was ( or wasn't!) hitting!

I came 10th in the DTD game after pushing 55 into 1010.I still don't like that period in the middle of small mtt's when my stack is around 900-ish,the blinds are 75-150 and I pick up a small/medium pair in quite early position.

I think I still favour pushing, ( I will also push monsters here to mix it up) because I don't have enough chips to get any fold equity with a standard raise, and because a standard raise almost pot commits me anyway.I also don't want to get blinded away and by playing quite a tight game,I'd hope to get some credit for having a hand when I do shove.

No too much to report from my cash table play.I lost a $50 buy-in when I runner runnered an Ace flush, but the villain had made a boat on the river after the board paired.After watching more cardrunners vids I'm not going to be too harsh on myself for that one, as it was basically a cooler ,which would have been hard to get away from.I won back half of that loss and went to bed far too late at 2am.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back later in the week...

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At Monday, 12 November, 2007, Blogger BurnleyMik said...


I thought Nacho played for you?? You need to explain his importance to your ex.... ;o)

Unlucky in the bloggerment, you seem to be really unlucky at the moment mate and I know where you are coming from!

GL though for the rest of the week!

At Tuesday, 13 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

We bought him as a family dog and with me working full-time having him with me just wouldn't make sense.Oh and believe me the ex knows how strongly I feel about my boy!

I certainly do seem to be hitting some brick walls recently but I also reckon my mid-stage small mtt game needs improving too!


At Tuesday, 13 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Acorn, with the small pair situation in early position, I think sometimes you are better off folding them. If you are called then you are rarely in good shape. I favour pushing with any two from later position as you are much less likely to get called, providing you have at least 6-7 bb left!


At Wednesday, 14 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Doomswitch.I felt like I was about to be swamped by the blinds but perhaps a little more patience would have been better.


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