Saturday, November 10, 2007

Top Jockey!

I wasn't too keen to play in the wee ( 5 starters) HORSE poker game organised by the RTR crew, as I've only ever played Holdem and a little 5 card draw, and I'm totally clueless about Omaha,Stud,razz etc.In the end my lack of knowledge just added to the fun and I had plenty of helpful advice and nudges in the right direction from Matty ,Mair,Hammer and dD.I enjoyed watching two players turn up their cards and trying to work out who had won and why.( just like at holdem before anyone else says it!)I've still no idea how I actually won the game in the end but I did and maybe,just maybe I'll play some HORSE ( Holdem,Omaha,Razz,Stud)again sometime...

We played a couple of $16 nl,18 player turbos afterwards and I managed to run KK into AK ( rivered a straight) in one and couldn't get 1010 to hold v KQ in the other but dD managed 2nd in one for a nice wee boost.

I left the troops to play in another HORSE game and headed to Bet 365 where I won about $85 at a $100nl cash table.Over a tiny sample there ( 685 hands) my preflop aggression has moved up to average nearly 11% from it's usual 7% so I think the cardrunners videos are helping to improve my game.As always I had chosen fishy games with high average pots and lots of players seeing flops.

I finished off my nights play by firing up three $16 ,18 player turbos and I bubbled twice ( 5th)and came 2nd in one for a small profit.The two bubbles were both coolers and really hurt ( for 5 mins anyway!) but overall I was happy with my nights profits and slept soundly.

Not got Nacho today as the ex wants him around "for a few weekends" after the car was set alight in her driveway last week.We're 100% sure it was the neighbours she ( and her poisonous pal) had fallen out with and I doubt anything else will happen.I did have a mini fall out with her over it because when I called yesterday Step A answered and said the ex was three doors along at her pals.If she is that worried about security at the house then why leave Step A in alone?I am feeling a bit more understanding today about it.I suppose I just don't want her to ever stop me seeing my lad ( Nacho!) or Step A.

I like all sorts of music and I've spent most of the afternoon burning trance dance music onto cd for listening to when playing poker.

Ever had a dream about a bassline.....?

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At Saturday, 10 November, 2007, Anonymous Matt H said...

You are the KING OF H.O.R.S.E!!!!!!!! :-DD

Great fun last night mate. Congrats on the win. Mair aside I think we were all pretty clueless :-P

At Saturday, 10 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

Added you to my list as well...



At Sunday, 11 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Who are you calling clueless Matt? I took it down with ease :-)

A fine nights pokey all round mate.

Cheers Stevo!

At Sunday, 11 November, 2007, Anonymous Matt H said...

LOL!!!! You were awesome dude! But you did ask about a million questions...... which none of us knew the answer :-P


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