Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cheerio Lads...

First up,I was sorry to see that Burnley Mik and The Cloud have quit their blogs, as they were two of my favourite daily reads.All the best to both of them, as they continue to chew the poker fat, over at the Raisetheriver forum and blog.

I've not much to report on the poker front as I've not played very often since my last post.I did enjoy playing a couple of wee $5 Full Tilt sng's with Rosie ,but I don't think either of us were taking them too seriously.

I think Rosie was more annoyed than me when a fish called my raise( I had AJ) with his 45 and crippled my stack.When she remarked that she was pleased when Mr fish finally bombed out,I disagreed, as I wanted a fishy like that around to help me double up and get me back in it!I even disagreed with Rosies comment that "at least he can't win it" as I reckon when donks win the odd game,this is what keeps them coming back to the tables.

Nothing wrong with either attitude.If berating the fish or ranting about the fish in IM helps clear the head and helps prepare you better for the next hand then go for it.Perhaps it's better than my colder more logical approach, as I tend to focus more on my bad luck rather than what my opponent did wrong.

I've also watched yet more training videos since my last post and they have really helped boost my game.In particular they have made me more sure of my reads at the table and more able to correctly define the range of hands my opponent may hold.

The training vids have also helped me increase my preflop cash game aggression, which is something I knew I'd have to work on to do well at $100nl and above.I now feel quite comfortable at $100nl 6 max and if I am playing $50nl,I'm very confident as I know for sure I can beat that game.

Ok,I'm taking Nacho out for a walk after work and he'll be staying with me tomorrow and Sat night.The ex has been charged with threatening behaviour for simply running her finger across her throat in front of the woman next door.( out of sheer frustration)The same woman who arranged for the ex's car to be set alight last week and who hasn't been charged with that yet.There's no justice sometimes.

ok,thanks for reading...

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