Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rinse and repeat...

The ex ended up staying at her Dads last night ( I even offered to go over and sleep on her couch for a couple of nights to help her feel more settled) and I was able to pick my lad ( Nacho) up after I'd visited my old folks.I played a wee $6 turbo with my Mum and helped her run 88 into Aces!

I took Nacho for a good run and then came home and surfed the net for a while before playing two $16 turbo's and coming 3rd in both.I made $72 profit, but I'm trying to tell myself I only won $4 because that is my average profit per game.The idea is that even if I lose 4-5 games I should still condition myself to believe I won $2 each time.Hopefully this will help keep me on an even keel rather than going to bed cheesed off at going 0/5 ( for example) without cashing or feeling too happy with a $72 win.

I had arrived home at 8-ish and had already eaten so why did I only play two games of poker? ( I also won $10 in a quick 15 min cash session at 365).Most nights I tell myself I will come home from work the next day,eat dinner etc and then either fire up a couple of cash tables or starting multi ( ok, just the two but it's still multi-tabling!) turbo's sngs.In reality I arrive home done in after another day of listening to people ranting/shouting/crying on the phone and usually feel too tired to start playing my best game right away.

Perhaps my lack of playing hours is my inbuilt way of dealing with variance and staving off the tilt monster.I'm certainly not immune to tilt, but my last serious tilty episode was back in May, and although I may make the occasional tilty call/play,it's not something which affects me too badly.

As with most people, repeated bad beats and folding monsters tend to push my tilt button.If I'm only playing a few tourneys ,or a small cash session, then even if I run badly, I can deal with it and bounce back,whereas if I started multi-tabling at 7pm and my luck was out,I don't know if I could continue to play my best game all night.

I'm also a lazy git and although I enjoy playing poker, I sometimes feel as if I'm caught between simply playing for fun/social reasons and trying to push on and double last years $5k profit.Of course the fact that money is a little tighter staying myself and I may need my poker profits for things like car insurance,Rangers season ticket etc ,also weighs on my mind and it can feel more like a chore to play than a pleasurable hobby.

It's strange because my tightass nature means I hate losing money and this helps me to play better and not tilt, but it can also stop me just sitting down and getting on with it I reckon.I watch poker training videos where the players don't care about the fact they had a bad start to a session for example and simply reload quickly if they lose a big pot and keep playing well.I'd know exactly how much I was down and it would prey on my mind to some extent that I was wasn't winning and that my roll had taken a hit.

Ok,as ever I've managed to turn a quick idea for a post into a long rambling load of guff which I've probably posted before in one form other another anyway.

Ok,back soon with more witterings...

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At Thursday, 15 November, 2007, Blogger Amatay said...


Trust me ;-) glgl

At Thursday, 15 November, 2007, Blogger Grinder said...

Yea - thats a good idea about saying you made a $4 profit.

Like AA. Every time you get them you make money whether you win or lose.

At Thursday, 15 November, 2007, Blogger Cell 1919 said...

Excellent post...I think I'll nick most of it for my next entry ;).

In reality I arrive home done in after another day of listening to people ranting/shouting/crying on the phone and usually feel too tired to start playing my best game right away.

Same here, but the ranting etc usually continues when I get home lol.

At Friday, 16 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Played a little $200nl last night and it certainly seemed fishy!

Yep Grinder,gotta keep counting those Sklansky dollars!

Thanks for that Cell.This blog is starting to feel like groundhog day sometimes so I'm glad ye liked the post mate!


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