Monday, November 19, 2007

Over the net...

Good news! I dropped Nacho off at the ex's last night and will be picking him up tonight as usual.I'll also be over on Wed night to look after Step A.Step A is growing up fast and has taken to teenage life very well.If there was an exam for shoulder shrugging ,she would pass with flying colours! For some reason she also seems less than impressed with my instore juggling at the fruit section of the supermarket.( despite the gasps of admiration coming my way from fellow shoppers...)

On the poker front I two tabled last night, playing in the Bloggerment and the DTD game.In the Bloggerment I raised and called a shove from a player who is tighter than two coats of paint,which was silly.( 88 into QQ)

Congrats to Dull Trev who played more like Tricky Trev to take it down and left my mate Al Eleven to don the bridesmaid dress.( it's at the tailors getting widened at the waist!)

In the DTD game I wasn't in the running for a top 4 placing, which meant I felt quite relaxed and I think I played some decent poker.I made the final table and reraised Dudley all in with AK as I felt he may fold or I could win a race.I think Dudley did fold, but as per usual in recent blogger games I ran into a premium pair ( Cogs had woken up with KK ) and failed to improve.

I played a couple of $11 turbo sng's at Full Tilt with Rosie and Juice later.Rosie and I won a game each before I headed off to bed.

Looks like Rosie,Juice and Mr Edge are visiting Glasgow in Dec for the next home game,hosted by my mate The Big Chap!I'm hoping Dudley,s-man and my cousin will also make the game, although we'll have to meet Stan and Mair another time as they are attending the APAT event in Manchester which Mair quailfied for.Shame, as I'm sure in real life the ladies would get on like a house on fire!

Just booked a badminton court for a 6pm game with the S-man.Neither of us has played for years and I even asked the girl on the phone if they have qualified first aiders stannding case the s-man can't handle the pace!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back Soon...

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At Monday, 19 November, 2007, Blogger MAIR said...

Sorry we can't make the live game would have been fab too, im going to Manchester myself now as the wee man (son david) has been invited to Hearts for the Hearts v Motherwell game and well, he chose Hearts rather than Manchester LOL so Daddy has to take him. Good thing for me total peaceful weekend all by maself (there's a god up there somewhere) lol.

GL at the tables pal.


PS Love Badminton too

At Tuesday, 20 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Mair.All the best in Manchester and I hope the wee man enjoys the game.My Gran is a Jambo so I've a wee soft spot for them.

Thanks n gl,


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