Friday, November 23, 2007

Bloggerment 36 Open...

Bloggerment 36 is now open for registration on Stars.9pm gmt/4pm est,password is DONKAMENT ( upper case) and all bloggers and readers are welcome to play in it.It’s only $5.50 and usually a good laugh.Give it a go!

After my post last night I logged on to Full Tilt and played a couple of $11 turbos.The first one was a 6 max turbo I had joined by mistake.After checking Sharkscope and finding out the villains were all losers and had lost over $8k between them I felt confident I could take it down.One suckout later and I was out!

The next one was a full ring turbo and after getting my money in with KK against Q10 on a 10 J 8 rainbow board,The Ace on the turn was fine but the killer King fell on the river giving me set and the villain a straight.This left me with only 200 chips but I stayed patient,played decent poker and had the pleasure of beating Mr Q10 headsup to take it down.

Tonight the plan is to pick up the ex after work and bring her over to clean the flat before dropping her off and heading off to the s-mans for an evening of Play station 3 and Steven Segal.

Not much else going on in Acorn land.I did enjoy a laugh at an article in the local paper, about the old boy who had written to a local architect to ask if a bat survey had been carried out on a recently demolished building.( bats are protected species) The photo is of the old guy holding the kiddies colouring in book and crayons that the architect sent him as he reckoned the old boy had “too much time on his hands”.Made me laugh and I wish I was able to do the same for some of my customers!

Here a few wee snippets from the paper.Back soon…

A Caller tells us that the English FA should have been concerned when its then manager, Steve McClaren, went out at Hallowe'en dressed as a pumpkin. It was a desperate attempt, apparently, to turn into a coach at midnight.
Chelsea attractor

News also on McClaren's replacement. Hugh Parker in London tells us that the FA is so desperate to sign ex-Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho that they have employed Burt Bacharach to head-hunt him.

They believe the songwriter is the only one to know the way to sign Jose.

Message from the Scottish Government: "Agent McClaren. Return to base. Your work is done."

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At Friday, 23 November, 2007, Blogger Big Black Dog said...

Lol Acorn @ the Jose joke!!
On a very serious note i here on the radio that after the Croatia debacle England have dropped to 12th in the world standings,Scotland are only 2 places behind!! We must be really bad!!!!!!!!!!

At Saturday, 24 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dream -

McCleish to Birmingham.
MacLaren to Scotland.

Please God...I don't ask you for a lot...

At Saturday, 24 November, 2007, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Happy to confirm that SP.You lot are really really bad :-))

Bertie Voghts for new England manager!


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