Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wee win ends tilt form...

I had to dig deep last night when my first $16 turbo ended after a few hands when my KK fell to AK sooooted, which made a flush on the river.The pain made me almost glad Cog’s KK had held against my AK in the DTD game!

I’ve become a far better two tabler over recent months and had another one on the go, until I shoved with 88,Mr A7 insta-called and the seemingly enevitable Ace hit on the turn to send me packing.

Sharkscope already had my recent form as “tilt” after going 0/4 without cashing and I was beginning to think I was running into a bad luck brickwall, especially after my JJ fell to good old AK in my third game of the night.

I took a minute to tell myself to get a grip and actually quite enjoyed my last turbo of the night,as one fish spent the entire game lecturing another fishy who ignored him throughout.The quiet fish did make some terrible plays but the big mouth bass outdid him with some dreadful calls and shoves.( and bubbled in redonkulous fashion)

In fact there were only four winners from sixteen starters and much of the play seemed no better than a play money table.Min raises,lots of weak calling stations and big stacks who had no idea how to maximise their position around bubble time.I adjusted by raising 6-8bb early on preflop and by overbetting for value with made hands on later streets.My hands held up and my strategy worked as I finally broke my wee losing streak to take it down for $108.

I watched an excellent cardrunners video where the pro was playing $50nl and this inspired me to play a little 6 max $100nl at 365 where I two tabled,ran quite well and left about $50 up after 25 minutes play.

I’m off to buy a badminton racket at lunchtime as the one I had in my cupboard has three strings and is marked “4b” which means I used it in Fourth year at high school.( so it’s a couple of years old!)

Back soon…

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At Tuesday, 20 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'm a pain - but I can't keep away Zag!!!


My new blog..

Regards - Mr Cloud


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