Tuesday, November 27, 2007

End of Month Stats

Party poker $1668 (+ $46) ,Ladbrokes $1600 (-$53),Bet 365 $1053 (+$393 ) ,Pokerroom $36 ( =) ,Pokerstars $1193 ( + $354).Full Tilt $350 ( + $350) *FT profit for month was +$150 but FT roll missed from my last update

Total Bankroll $5900 ( + $1090 since Oct 31st)

Thoroughly hacked off doesn't begin to describe how I'm feeling about my work at the moment.The job is doing my nut in and my boss ( now sitting next to me) is proposing to change the seating further and place the biatch who tried to get me fired ( 5 years ago) next to me.I've almost reached the end of my tether and I'm feeling very close to heading to the Docs and getting signed off for a while.

After dinner last night I watched Rangers put up a decent fight against the German Champions,Stuttgart,but go down 3-2 in the end.This leaves us needing just a point from our last group game against Lyon at home to qualify for the knock-out stages.

I updated my bankroll stats afterwards and realised I'd missed the $200 I had left on Full Tilt when I last updated my stats.I decided to take a wee shot there and fired up a $33 turbo.No joy in that one so I hit up another one and took it down for a nice wee boost.

I two tabled a couple of Stars $16 turbos and ran into Aces on one and Kings on the other.No bad beats at least,just bad timing.

I was determined to have an early night but I'd already lit my my last smoke, so I decided to take a quick shot at $400nl on Full Tilt.I joined John D'Agostinos table but sadly he was too scared to play with me ( hehe) and simply had his seat "reserved" for my ten minutes at the table.

I bought in for $200,had been blinded down to $190 and had unchecked the autopost button in order to sit out and go to bed when I was dealt 99.There was a preflop raise of $12 before the action was on me.I didn't have much information to go on but the villain had raised a few times during my short time at the table and I decided to flat call.( only 4-5 active players at 8 seat table)

The flop was 3 3 5 and he led out for $16 which seemed a little weak so I decided to 3 bet him ( as they say on the cardrunners videos!) and raised it up to $44 which he insta-called.I checked to him after a 2 fell on the turn as I didn't want to create too large a pot in case he had a higher pair.He checked back and after a 10 came on the river I bet $35 as a semi-blocking bet and crossed my fingers he wouldn't reraise big.He flat called with 66 and I took my $76 profit off the table and went to bed!

Tonight I'm looking after Step A and will be watching a few downloaded cardrunners vids.( my idea of a break from playing poker!).

Back soon...

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At Friday, 30 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you check to him on the turn if he took the lead on the flop??? Also a 3 bet is a reraise preflop.


At Friday, 30 November, 2007, Anonymous Acornman said...

Good question Doom! I usually use Pokertracker to check hands for accuracy but I don't have it set up for Full Tilt and was trying to work from my ( shockingly bad) short-term memory.Apologies for the screwup.

I didn't realise "3 bettting" only applied preflop.Must pay more attention to the cardrunners vids!



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