Sunday, December 02, 2007

Post A or Post B: Warning foul language!

Post A:Well fuck me gently with a pointy stick.You may experience a little variance as we pass over KK getting fucked by Ace rag all night long.At least I pulled last night though.Yes,the variance biatch slowly screwed me into the ground all night long and left me gasping for ...a fuckin break! I played 18 turbo's over the last 16 hours and after only a few, I felt like I was a magician.I only needed to think of the ridiculous 2 outer card which would help my opponent beat my monster hand ....and fuckin Bingo ,it would arrive!

I had bubbles more often than Michael fuckin' Jackson and suffered so many coolers I'm thinking if sitting my dairy products on top of my head instead of replacing my busted fridge freezer.But over the long term...Shut up,I want some fuckin' short-term luck for a change.The only heaters in my flat are stuck to the walls.If only I could run as good as I seem to run badly at times,I reckon I'd be a rich fuckin' Acorn.Stars $16/$27 turbos are soul sucking donk fests and if my luck doesn't change...there will be plenty more posts like this one!

Post B: Experienced a small downswing last night.I'm sure I'll bounce back.Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables.....

I began writing Post A at about 4am last night after a very frustrating night.It was quite therapeutic and helped me get a fairly horrendous run out of my system.I did play 18 turbo's ( eight were $27 18 player and ten were $16) and I did lose $124, but in reality that is quite an acceptable loss over a small sample of 18 games.I felt I played quite well for the most part and the fact I suffered so many bad beats only strengthens that feeling.I play turbos with a very tight but very aggressive style and the only glaring error I feel I made was to treat the $27's with far too much respect initially.Doomswitch asked in a previous comment if I was on tilt as I'd raised to 500 chips preflop with 88 preflop quite early in an $16 game I'd posted about.The answer was a definite no because at some really fishy tables if you want to get a hand heads up or take the blinds ,massive overbetting is required to narrow the field.( in that example I was reraised all in by 55 who hit his 5!)

My mistake at the $27's was that, initially ,I calmed my 5-8bb preflop raises down to 3-4bb expecting a slightly higher standard of player.The bad news is that I was wrong to lower my preflop bet sizes, but the good news is that standard was no higher at $27 and in some games I checked on Sharkscope it was more like a $6 game than a $27.There were only 3-4 winners in many of the $27's I played in, with more fish and weak players than I could possibly have dreamed of.Perhaps that's why I did get so frustrated at one point because ( and hope this doesn't come across as big-headed)I felt I had such a big edge over so many of them,yet I was still getting screwed at every turn.

I did manage to win one $16 and come 2nd in one $27 and I have to realise I may well run even worse than last night over an 18 game sample size again at some point.In the cold light of day I'm almost ( not quite!) pleased that I ran so badly and managed to contain my losses reasonably well.I also kept my head and didn't tilt at all which is vital when mulit-tabling especially.

I finished my poker night with a quick half hour at a juicy $200nl 8 player Bet 365 table and won $30.I reckon Amatay is right re how fishy the higher limits can be, as there were guys calling off their $200 stacks with Ace high ( AK) on the turn when drawing totally dead.

The one good thing to come out of last night was that I'm in no way in fear of playing $27 turbos and my fear of $200nl is gradually fading too.Us poker players always seem to put the players playing at a level above us on some kind of pedestal as if they know secrets about poker us mere mortals can only guess at.Watching the training videos and having played a little higher ( when you smoke like I do yer always playing higher!) I can honestly say that for the most part there's not much to be afraid of apart from coping with even bigger swings due to the increased stakes.

Ok,don't forget to register for tonights Bloggerment on Stars.I'm just gonna finish a spot of redecorating first...

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At Sunday, 02 December, 2007, Blogger Rosie said...

Nice profanity!

At Sunday, 02 December, 2007, Anonymous Cloud said...

Everyone is running bad...this is getting contagious..I'm worried now..

At Monday, 03 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, but i did LOL :)

it was the opening line ...



btw your running bad is my norm :(

At Monday, 03 December, 2007, Blogger Grinder said...

Yea - Saturday I suffered TWO 2 outers on the river and then Sunday I had a 1 outer on the river when my Nut flush was cracked by an inside straight flush!


At Monday, 03 December, 2007, Blogger Smoothplease said...

could you plz stop ******* swearing you ******* *****,its ***** boring!!! And i'm thinking of leaving Laddies to try Stars again,you've put me right off!! Gd point about playing ahead of yourself,after donking around stt's i tried mtt's (take a peak at my blog for the good news!!) gd post Acorn & gl

At Tuesday, 04 December, 2007, Blogger Ukgatsby said...

quality read as ever


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