Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You Scumbag.... maggot,you cheap lousy faggot.....

Best Xmas song ever by a mile.I can't believe Radio 1 even thought about censoring it!

I've mentioned previously that I don't recall ever berating a fish in a poker chatbox for the simple reason that to do so is like celtcs away record in the Champions league.( almost completely pointless!)

I prefer to simply let the fishies actions speak for themselves and people can make up their own minds on the moves they make.I plan to continue that policy!

Mr Cloud has been in touch as I'm next on the list to try the raisetheriver $10 challenge.The idea is to try and make as much profit as possible within 3 1/2 hours and I'm quite looking forward to giving it a try.I'm gonna gamble with it, and may two table $5 cash tables ,or 3 table $2 turbos if that's within the rules.It may be the quickest $10 ever busted online!

Over the last two nights I've been playing $6 turbos with a few $16's thrown in, and although I placed 1st and 2nd in a couple on Monday night,last night was cashless.That's just the way turbos are though.One win or good itm ( in the money) finish has to see me through 4-5 games ( on average) of lost races and bad beats.

Tonight I'm heading up to the ex's place to look after Step A whilst the ex is out working until midnight.I've downloaded a few cardrunners training vids to watch as the tv is crap tonight and I have no net access.

Meeting up with Rosie again on Friday and it just cannot come soon enough for me.Less than 48 hours ( nearer 38!) to go...

Ok, back soon..

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At Wednesday, 19 December, 2007, Blogger Rosie said...

Sweetheart, it might just be me, but I can't get any sound on that youtube vid.

You are right though, fantastic song

At Thursday, 20 December, 2007, Anonymous Cloudy said...

Yep agree - the ONLY xmas song I really like (beats Slade, Wizard, E17 and that one about the cavalry...bababadala, bababadala, stop the cavalry...)


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