Monday, December 17, 2007


Last night I ate a happy chicken for dinner and logged on ready for the Bloggerment at 9pm.Thanks to all 18 people who turned out for last nights game, and well done to Burnely Mik for taking it down.

I've been on a poor Bloggerment run recently and last night was no different.Amatay had raised ( again) and when Hammerheid reraised I didn't put him on a big hand ,as I thought he was probably taking a stand against Amatay.He was...with KK and my AK was no good.I only just avoided the monkey as I crashed out in 17th.

I played a short knockout mtt with Rosie on Full Tilt before returning to the $16,18 player turbos and some two tabling.It seemed like I couldn't win a hand and at one point I went 0/8 without cashing and attained "super tilt" status on Sharkscope.A sick part of me actually welcomes that kind of adversity.I've been playing long enough and have seen enough donkery in these games to stay on my game and keep plugging away until it comes good.

Whilst they were horrible to go through, I feel my previous runs of 0/13,0/20 etc ( without cashing in a sng) have helped me to deal with nights like last night.The good news is that I managed a win, a few more in the money finishes and my form is now "hot" on Sharky.

Met up with my sister tonight and hopefully I'm now just about sorted for Xmas presents.Xmas is coming early this year as Rosie arrives on Friday! I'm gambling on Mother Acorn doing the dishes when she's here for the new front door being fitted on Thursday, but I've still bit of work to do round the flat before the weekend.

Almost forgot to mention what a fine weekend it was for Rangers too,winning 2-1 at home to Hearts while celtc could only lose 3-2 to Inverness.This leaves us 2 points behind but with two games in hand.Long way to go yet but maybe,just maybe the league flag will be coming home this season.

Ok,the s-man is popping round shortly,Nacho needs a walk and I've not heated my dinner yet!

Back later in the week...

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At Monday, 17 December, 2007, Anonymous Cloudy said...

I had a nice little bet on Caley yesterday - and after it won, I thought you might be pleased.
And that headline is fantastic - isn't it??

At Monday, 17 December, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delighted you were on the Caley Mr C.Result and a half mate.

Best sports headline of all time I reckon btw! :-))


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