Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Hogmany + stats

Ahh the holiday season is great!I've just had my breakfast at 3pm after being up until 7am chatting with Rosie and playing poker.More on the poker later.Tonight the s-man may be popping over and I'll have Nacho for company too as the ex is working.

I just wish I had one of these to get me to Bristol..

I've had a good Xmas, especially last weekend,and it's been a million times better than I thought it would be before I moved back to my flat, after splitting from the ex in June.The highlight of my year ( by a mile) was meeting up with fellow bloggers ( and one special one in particular *)for our recent home game.Good times indeed!

To borrow a deep meaningful phrase from Terminator 2,maybe there really is "No fate but what we make".Perhaps I've been too guilty of letting life happen to me over recent years rather than making things happen myself.I intend on making the most of 2008.

I've also played quite a bit of poker over the festive season and watched a few cardrunner training videos.I was inspired by "dauts" video of him playing 20 tables on Pokerstars.I've always "tiled" my tables when playing more than one, but he was "cascading" them and yesterday I tried playing 6 at a time at $6 level and found it quite easy to keep up with the action.

I played three sets of six games and came out ahead despite seeing more bad beats than I thought possible.The beauty of playing so many tables was that there was no time to dwell on the suckouts, as there was always another decision to be made.Sometimes I only had time to make the decision and never even got to see how the cards fell,only finding out when I observed my improved chip stack, or the "thanks for playing donkey,you're out" message flashed up.

I'm actually quite excited by my 6 tabling exploits because the only way to make any decent money at sng's is by multi-tabling.My roi ( zagga at 'Stars) is currently 20% after 789 games ( require at least 1000 games for it to mean much) but at $3 profit per game I'd be better off serving up burgers than playing just one table at a time.I've been multi-tabling three tables at $16 level and although I'm not sure 20% is sustainable ,adding more tables should increase my overall profit.

I certainly wouldn't mind having the stats of a few of the regulars I play with.Powelljam,T Almedia,NUstarnes,The Big Ern,vgreen,spacegravy,patpritt,albatross77,Tim'sQTpie,roachclips,sharkzilla and roberts34 are just some of those guys who have stats I can only dream of!

I do still consider myself primarily a cash game player, but I have the turbo bug and despite the nasty variance that prevails in these games,I think I'm hooked!

Thanks to all 15 players who turned out for the Bloggerment last night and congrats to Matty for taking it down again after another fine showing.I came 9th after shoving AQ into Hammerheids AK.

Monthly stats update: Pokerstars $1741 ( + $548) ,Bet 365 $550 ( - $503),Party $1614 ( -$54), Pokerroom $36 ( = ), Full Tilt $424 ( + $74) ,Ladbrokes $1600 ( =).Total $5965 ( + $65 for month)

Not a great overall profit figure, but I suppose without that one donkey AQ cash hand I posted about on Sun 16th, the stats would have looked far better.I made some decent profit from the turbos though and for the first month in ages,I never played a hand at fishy old Ladbrokes!

Enjoyed this clip posted over at Notedpokerauthority.Time to teach Nacho some new tricks eh....

Ok,I'm off to enjoy the rest of my holiday and blogging break.All the best to all bloggers and readers for the new year.Lang may yer lum reek...**

* Not bloody Juice!

** Which means long may your chimney smoke and originated when people had coal fires and if the chimney was smoking it meant that you could afford coal and keep warm.

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At Monday, 31 December, 2007, Blogger Wildcat said...

All the best for 2008!

At Tuesday, 01 January, 2008, Blogger Amatay said...

ahahaha. That dog has got skillz! I might nick that and post it in my blog

At Tuesday, 01 January, 2008, Blogger MAIR said...

A Very Happy New Year to you Acorn



At Tuesday, 01 January, 2008, Anonymous BurnleyMik said...

All the best Acorn!

Great to see you happy mate, 2008, the year the Acorn becomes the Mighty Oak!

Take Care Mate


At Thursday, 03 January, 2008, Anonymous Acornman said...

Thanks very much all! Best wishes to you all too and feel free to nick the dog Amatay!

At Saturday, 05 January, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

You got to meet royalty what more do you want acorn!

At Sunday, 06 January, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Indeed I did Mr "Prince William" sound-alike :-))

Very honoured to whup your royal ass at pool...again :-)

At Sunday, 06 January, 2008, Blogger Jeinsen said...

i won a game bitch! :-)


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