Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leaderboard:Top Ten

It's probably not a lot to shout about considering the poor quality of much of the opposition, ( what was that quote about "even if you win a race at the Special Olympics...you're still retarded"?)but as a cash game player who began on Stars with $15 about a year ago ,I'm quite please that ( however temporarily) I've made the top 10 on the Sharkscope leader board for the $6-$16 turbo two table games I play in.

I began a post for today with the two bad beats which knocked me out of my first two turbo's last night, but I went on to bag a few seconds and a win so I'm not going to whine.I expect as is the law of sod ,that I'll be back complaining about a long barren run in these turbo's soon enough, so I'm going to enjoy being on the leaderboard while it lasts.

I also played a little $50nl ( broke even)too last night and as much as I currently prefer sng's,I'm don't want to stay away from the 6 max cash tables altogether, as those have been my main source of profit since I began playing.I still believe its "tourneys for show,cash for dough"!

Something I have taken from recent turbo games is that it really is possible to come back from the proverbial chip and a chair.When I used to get low on chips ( under 200 for example)I'd pretty much throw them away and prepare for the next game, but twice recently I've come back from 85 and 145 chips to make the money and although I had to get lucky initially,once I'd doubled through to around 200-300 chips ,I suddenly had a tiny bit of fold equity against starting stacks and could build from there.It won't work every time but even if you can comeback 1 time from 5,it will increase that all important bottom line figure.

Ok,I'm off to get my Aces cracked 19 times in a row....

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At Tuesday, 15 January, 2008, Blogger Grinder said...

Congrats on the Nurovirus Google link - #2 baby !! LOL

Now - don't you try to grab the #1 spot from me!!

At Thursday, 17 January, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Dr Grinder! Reminds me of the "hairy gymnast" google wars all over again...


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