Friday, January 18, 2008

Raising Air

Not much to report from yesterdays poker after I played for a couple of hours last night and broke even.I dabbled back at the cash tables for a while before joining Juice for a couple of $16 turbs.In the first one I picked up the Nolan sisters ( QQ) very early on and after a raise and call before me,I shoved and faced 99 and AK ,with the Ace on the river sending me out.

I was 6th in the next one and came 3rd in the last one I played in.Actually the last one had an amusing moment when one of the better regulars ( A void in me) had pushed with q6 when it had folded to him and unfortunately for him, he was called by a better hand.Some muppet typed “q6?” in the chat as if a mistake had been made when in reality Mr Void was the short-stack,the blinds were high and it had been folded to him.I’d been lucky enough to get a couple of my fresh air steals through, but I was still tempted to write “q6?,yeah what a donk” in the chat to deflect from the fact I was playing in a similar way!

It was actually quite reassuring to see a solid regular push with nothing as doing so seems to be one of the secrets of winning in these games.It’s certainly better to shove with nothing while you still have fold equity, rather than wait and simply be blinded down.It was probably an ICM ( independent chip model) decision from Mr Void.

Although I’ve read some excellent ICM articles, ( see planet gong for more) I’m not a maths person at all and make most of my plays based on the situation,instinct and experience.Certainly on occasion I wish I did know ICM inside out as I’m left timing out on a crucial decision, but most of the time ( certainly at $16) I feel quite comfortable just applying the basic principles.

Tonights plan is maybe steal a wee ½ hour nap before playing in the raisetheriver league game at 9pm.I’m looking forward to a nice chilled out weekend.

Don’t forget Sunday is Bloggerment day on Stars and the tourney is now open for registration.It’s under the private tourney tab,password is donkament and it’s open to all bloggers and readers as always.( $5.50 entry fee)

Enjoy the weekend....

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At Friday, 18 January, 2008, Blogger Tam said...

You can just ignore the numbers and learn by repetition what is a good push/bad fold or a bad push/good fold.

In a similar way someone might learn a language, just batter into the quizz mode on something like sitngo wizard (free for 30 days)and it'll hone your instinct with no math necessary.

At Saturday, 19 January, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Tam,I reckon experience and repetition do count for a lot at the tables.I do use pokerstove to go back over hands occasionally and I'll maybe give the sng wizard trial a go.Linked you up too.Thanks for stopping by...

At Sunday, 20 January, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

You might think that going to bed is +ev but you are making a mistake.

You cant win if you arent at the felt and if you arent at the felt the only winner is the mortgage company!


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