Saturday, January 19, 2008

Going to bed = +ev

Last nights poker began with an early exit from the RTR league game when Burnley Mik cracked my Aces with his 66.( 6 on flop,I didn't get away from it)

I was extremely tired and didn't feel like launching into $16 multi-tabling mode, so I joined Rosie for a few wee £3 standard speed games at Littlewoods where the play was even worse than the Stars $6.50 and $16 games.

I managed a win,two seconds and a crashout from four games, but the slow speed of the games was beginning to grind me down, so I hit the $16's afterwards where I managed to win one and crash out of five for a small profit overall.I didn't play well in the last two games.It was now 4am and I didn't feel I had much pokery fight left in me.Usually I can rally myself and play the next game with a determined to make the right choices attitude, but my eyes were almost shut and my motivation had gone, so I hit the sack instead.

I suppose winning poker is sometimes about knowing when not to play.I played a ton last weekend but not very much during the evenings over the last week.Tiredness and lack of motivation were the main reasons.Too often in the past I've fired up tables just because ..well probably because I'm a poker degenerate.The point is I've not fired them up because I was in the mood to play good poker.I can play most of the low limit turbo games almost on auto-pilot, but in poker every edge is vital and giving up part of that edge by mindless surfing etc while playing, or by just being too tired to make good decisions ,is like leaving money on the table and I hate leaving my money anywhere, apart from my moth filled wallet.

Ok,I've had a wee lie in today and I'm off to pick Nacho up before coming home and hitting the tabs...

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